5 Cool iPhone Apps That Architects Must Have

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An architect is someone who needs to stay organized at all times. The amount of creativity and skills needed for this line of work cannot be over-emphasized and this brings the need to find apps that will make the profession easier. With an iPhone, it is very easy to have these apps that are related to the field of architecture as it can carry many apps in one package. The apps transform the iPhone from being just a communication device to a valued and prized personal assistant to an architect. 5 of these great apps are described below.

1. ColorSnap

This app is used to match colors by capturing any color from pictures or the actual world and converting it to paint color. It allows architects to create their own color pallets and share the created pallets by use of social media pages and via e-mail with clients and colleagues. This app gives you the ability to match, store, browse, adjust and save your color combinations. These saved works can be used in future design projects. The creative architect must have this app!

2. Sketchbook Mobile App

This is a tool largely used in drawing and designing. This app offers a napkin like page for you to draw your digital sketches. For advanced design sketches, users can use the famous SketchbookPro Software leading to the creation fluid and brush paintings of extremely high quality.

For drawing variety, the app has almost 45 types of brushes that are preset ranging from pencils, markers to felt pens. All these preset brushes can be customized giving the architect the ability to express himself or herself the way they want to or the way they observe them. This app can be used by graphic designers.

3. CAD touchR2

This is an app that is so flexible in that it can be used by engineers, architects, carpenters or designers. It has well embedded technology that allow architects using iPhones to draw floor plans with great precision, calculate areas and perimeter as well as building diagrams that are complicated to the commoner. Once the drawing is finished and satisfactory, it can always be sent by e-mail.

4. Colorcoat Prisma®

This is an iPhone app that is used to view specifications and sample colors of the Colorcoat Prisma® colors and these samples can always be ordered for use in finished buildings that have previously used the prisma colors. By just getting your iPhone from your pocket, you can view various pallets of colors, see information on product performance and easily study case charts. This app is absolutely free and is fully compatible with iOS 4.

5. (2 Do: Tasks Done in Style)

In many cases, an architect has to coordinate several thing at the same time and it is required that they do all of them excellently. This means they have to stay organized not to miss meetings and appointments. This app has very easy settings and is extremely easy to use hence should make life easier for the architect. Despite having many features, no architect will get lost while maneuvering their way in this organization app!

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