5 Gadgets Every College Student Should Have In Their Dorm Room

When you go off to college it’s an exciting time. You are finally alone, out in the open world without anyone telling you what to do. It’s your chance to have the best time of your life. But there’s only one downside. You will probably end up in a college dorm room and they’re not the most fancy places to live in the world. There’s nothing bad about them, but they can be made a lot better.

You just need to equip your room with lots of fantastic gadgets. Take advantage of the technology that keeps getting churned out and make your life a lot easier. It will make your time at college a much more enjoyable place. There’s a lot to choose from and it can be pretty overwhelming, but not anymore because we’re going to have a look at 5 gadgets you should have in your dorm room.

IRobot Roomba 530

You’re all on your own now. No more mom to come into your room and clean up for you. If you don’t keep your room tidy you have to sleep in filth. There’s an easy way to keep your room clean and it’s called the iRobot Roomba 530. Just let it loose on the floor and it will use its built-in dirt detection technology to go around the room vacuuming up 98% of the dust and dirt. Life couldn’t get easier. Who needs mom?

A single-serve coffee maker

You will need to drink plenty of coffee when you are trying to stay awake during those late nights studying for an exam. Students aren’t known for having lots of money, so you definitely won’t be able to walk to Starbucks when you need come caffeine. That’s why a coffee machine in your dorm room is pretty important. You definitely won’t regret buying one of these.

A cheap microwave

A microwave is always handy for quick meals when you are too busy to walk to the cafeteria. They also come in handy when you want to heat up your Chinese takeaway from the night before. There’s no need to go crazy and spend loads of money. A cheap one will definitely cater to your needs and leave you with plenty of cash for beer. But if you must get one with an in-built pizza over I’m not stopping you.

A nice set of speakers

You can’t live in a dorm room without some speakers. I think there’s some unwritten law somewhere that says they’re a requirement. If you can afford some wireless ones it’s even better. Now you can look forward to some banging on your door when your neighbor can’t get to sleep. Maybe get some headphones as well to wear at night.

A great alarm clock

I say great because you need something loud enough to wake you up when you’ve had too much alcohol the night before. If you decide to stick with your phone you could find yourself missing more classes than you’d like. There’s a few cool ones you can buy that are a lot harder to hit the snooze on. Might be a good idea, yeah?

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