5 Reasons You Should Use a VoIP Service

Looking for hot new techno trends that can also save you a lot of money? If so, then you should definitely look into VOIP. VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol – a fancy term for a simple concept: voice calls over an Internet connection (as opposed to the traditional land line). Are you interested in learning more about what VOIP can do for you? If so, check out these five reasons you should use a VOIP service:

Ease of set up, maintenance, and upgrading. The reason VOIP is so easy in all these regards is that it cuts out the need for hardware, and the VOIP service takes care of all your other needs. That means that if you have a technical issue or want to change or upgrade your service, there is no line to be fixed – no service call and waiting for days for a repair. To use VOIP, you simply install some software and update it regularly (which takes just a few keystrokes).

Flexibility. In addition to all the great features you can get when you use a VOIP service (call redirection and hold, for example, all done through your computer), you can also use VOIP for very complex network setups that you would never be able to do using a landline service (at least not without a lot of extra equipment). This makes VOIP a perfect choice for businesses as well as homeowners.

Cost. No matter how you cut it, chances are you will save a lot of money by using a VOIP service, as opposed to a traditional landline company. A typical unlimited national level plan might cost as little as six dollars per month. VOIP call savings even applies to overseas calls that can cost as little as pennies on the dollar, depending on your service provider and plan.

Quality. VOIP calls are almost always clearer and crisper than land line phone calls. That is because the calls are transported digitally, meaning the sound waves are converted to digital units before they travel to you and there is no degradation through a cable.

Numerous users on one access line. Using VOIP, you are not limited in regards to how many people can communicate at one time on the line. That means that your voice calls may be between two, three, or ten (or more) people, depending on what your needs are.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons for why you should be using a VOIP service. There are many service providers to choose from, so explore your options to find the one that is right for you.

About the Author: Rivka Monigold has been comparing business phone systems for her new office and has settled on a VoIP system for ease of use, cost, and the potential for greater use as her business grows!

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