DSLRs With Best Video Recording Facilities

In the recent times, the craze for HD and Full HD videos has gone up quite a lot. People are not only upgrading their set-top boxes to get HD television viewing experience at home, but also filmmakers and TV show producers are constantly looking at producing content in HD. This trend soon caught up with DSLR cameras, so that photographers using these cameras could record videos too. It started with one of the most famous and sought after models of Nikon – the Nikon D90 – and later on came in many other DSLRs. The result was that many commercial and mainstream feature films and TV shows started being shot on these cameras. The wide variety of lenses available for these cameras made the experience even easier for any cameraperson.

Here are some of the best DSLRs in the market with excellent video recording facilities.

Canon EOS 7D

This one is known for excellent performance, whether it is for stills or videos. There are some disturbing buttons here and there, but overall, the design and functionality is suited for shooting long hours of video. Of course, it has only one card slot, which may disappoint many people, but when it comes to a flexible auto-focus system and a wireless flash control, the camera definitely wins over many others. Canon has a good range of lenses to support this mid-range DSLR, which makes the shooting of videos a comfortable deal.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

This one became an industry favorite very soon after its launch, primarily because of its excellent features and functions. Its Full HD video quality is amazing, and the interface and menus are quite smooth. The camera body is well designed, and the battery performance is decent. However, when shooting really long videos, keeping extra juice packs is advisable. This one again works well with the wide range of lenses that Canon has, and as long as one has proper equipment with them, the camera is capable of giving excellent videos.

Both Canon EOS 7D and 5D Mark II, have separate tripods for video shooting.

Nikon D300s

One of the major advantages that this camera has is that apart from giving brilliant quality videos, it also has a dual card slot. The only major drawback on this one is that unlike the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, it does not have much improvement in the quality when shooting on high ISO. So it can be a problem in some low-lit situations. It has other features however, which compensate for that, such as the onboard wireless flash controller, and an overall good built. For the price that it comes at, it definitely is a good deal.

Canon EOS 550 D

This model is probably not the best choice for getting extremely good quality videos with a lot of cinematic appeal and effects, but it does give above-average video quality, ensuring that enthusiasts and budding filmmakers can make short films on this camera. It’s also fairly affordable, so it does give full value for money with its performance.

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