Essential Gadgets for Swimming

As far as health and fitness is concerned, no other activity can provide a full body workout like swimming. Research has repeatedly shown that swimming has a number of benefits that few other activities can provide. A good swim session allows an individual to build and tone muscle, lose weight and get a good cardio workout. Hence, it is not surprising that an increasing number of people are taking up swimming as the preferred activity to stay fit. In order to tap into this growing market, swimming equipment manufacturers are designing and producing some amazing gadgets for swimmers. Here are three gadgets for swimmers that are worth investing in:

Speedo LZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 Player

Nothing pumps people up for exercise like having their favorite beats thumping their ear drums. While listening to music has never been a problem for runners and cyclists, swimmers have had to make do without their favorite tunes. Thankfully, it is now possible to purchase MP3 players specifically designed for the needs of a swimmer. The high amount of work involved in making these MP3 players means that the market is not flooded with options, but the ones that are available can guarantee quality. Speedo has been the world leader for decades as far as swimming equipment is concerned. The superior quality usually expected from Speedo products is reflected in their LZR Racer Aquabeat MP3 player. Simply strap it onto your swimming goggles and enjoy 2GBs worth of music through the excellent waterproof headphones.

Finis Lap Track Underwater Lap Counter & Timer

Any swimmer can vouch for the fact that improving lap times are the best indicator of improving fitness levels. However, keeping a track of your lap timings can be very difficult task while swimming. Unless you have someone timing your laps with a stopwatch, it is impossible to know what your lap times are. If you swim all by yourself, consider investing in the Finis Lap Track Underwater Lap Counter and Timer. Attach it onto the sidewalls of the swimming pool and it will keep a track of every lap you make, up to 50 laps. At the touch of a button, it will show you detailed information for the last 50 laps that you completed; a very handy tool for keeping track on your progress. Enter the length of the pool and your weight to see how many calories you have burnt in the session.

Aquapulse Heart Rate Monitor

Most heart rate monitors resemble wristwatches and you constantly have to look at them to know what your heart rate is. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that checking your wrists to keep a tab on your heart rate is more than just inconvenient while swimming, it is almost impossible. What makes the Aquapulse heart rate monitor stand out is that it feeds you the information vocally. Strap it onto your swimming goggles, connect the sensor plate to your earlobe and the Aquapulse heart rate monitor will tell you the heart rate at periodic intervals. Using a MP3 player at the same time? No problem. The Aquapulse heart rate monitor does not require you to wear an earpiece; it transmits audio information to the inner ear via your jawbone.

Swimming is undoubtedly the best way to stay fit and investing in these gadgets will allow any swimmer to enhance their swimming experience.

Stephen Cole is a professional tech blogger and provides informative guidance to all athletes about essential gadgets. He is also a bodybuilder who believes in using quality fitness equipment.

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