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Every guy wants to be James Bond, that’s just a given, and with the new Skyfall film now in cinemas (which many critics are claiming is the best one yet) this is something that’s only likely to increase. Of course most of us never will quite be like James Bond, and even the smoothest among us fall short of his suave demeanour, amazing combat skills, way with women and razor sharp wit. However, that said there are some times we find ourselves feeling like James Bond, and one great example of this is when we use a cool gadget. Thanks to Q, who is now back in the movies, James Bond always has some kind of neat gadget or device that he can use to hack into a network or get the slip on the bad guys; and even though we might claim that we buy our computers and tablets so that we can do more work, most of us do it at least partly so that we can hum the Bond theme when we flip them out and sit down to work. Here we will look at a few of the very best ones…

The JetLev Water Jet pack

James Bond actually does fly a jetpack in Thunderball, but unfortunately this isn’t quite feasible for most of us yet. While jetpacks technically do exist, they unfortunately can only fly for a few minutes at best and aren’t commercial available. On the other hand though, the JetLev water jetpack can create the exact same feeling (by shooting a powerful Jetstream at the water beneath you) with none of the danger and for as long as you like. It’s reportedly an incredible feeling that’s just like really flying and there's an application on the website for individual enthusiasts to give it a go. What’s keeping you?

Power Bocks

Power bocks are the original jump stilts which can give you the ability to run at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour and do front flips over cars. It takes a bit of learning, but if you want to turn into an action hero in just a few weeks and at an affordable price this might well be the answer.

Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles look incredibly cool and they’re the kind of thing most of us dream of owning when we’re younger. Actually though you don’t need to be in the FBI to land yourself a pair, as they can be bought online relatively cheaply and come in a large variety of specifications and prices. Whoever you are you can probably afford a pretty neat pair and act out your spy fantasies in your back garden.

7’’ Tablet With Keyboard and Mouse…

A spy needs to have tiny stuff so that they can sneak it past enemy lines without needing a backpack. 7’’ tablets (such as the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire or Galaxy Tab) are just about the smallest devices you can get that will give you all the functions of a computer (particularly if you install Ubuntu) and if you get a keyboard case and a wireless mouse then you can pretend it’s a tiny laptop. Now just give it a cool techy theme so that you feel like you’re in the Minority Report.

Smart Watch

Checking your e-mail on your watch has to be pretty much the definition of being spy-like and with the Sony Smart Watch this is something that anyone can do. This watch runs Android meaning that you can even play little games and watch YouTube on there, but of course input is rather limited due to the tiny amount of space so it works best when synced with your phone.

Mini Cameras

There are all kinds of tiny cameras available for the discerning spy who wants to record their amazing escapades. One of the most exciting brands is the ‘Go Pro’ series designed for extreme sports which is just ideal for easy storage and resilience.

Sara Brown is the author of the above guest post. She is a tech enthusiast and has written numerous guest posts on technology and gadgets. She is a part of the team at Berkeley Sourcing Group, providers of contract and overseas manufacturing.

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