5 Reasons Why Everyone Will Have A Tablet In A Few Years Instead Of A Laptop

When laptops eventually made their way into circulation it changed everything. For so long we were used to being stuck at out desk whenever we wanted to go on the computer. Then suddenly we had the possibility to move about freely. Over the years, laptops have kept getting smaller in size and now you can carry one without realizing you have it. It wasn't just that they got smaller. They also got more powerful and even the smallest of laptops could compete with the traditional desktop machine in nearly every way possible.

Now when you walk into a computer shop there's still some people standing around the laptops. There's not too many people looking at desktops. The party happens to be around the tablet computers. Tablets have been around for a while, but ever since the release of the iPad a few years ago they have grown in popularity and many people think they're about to take over the world. It might be a little too early to tell, but let's look at a few reasons why your next computer could be a tablet.

They're going to have huge storage space

At the moment you can't say tablets compete with laptops on storage space. They aren't even close, but that's only at the moment. Eventually they will pack as much storage space as any laptop, because as technology advances everything gets smaller. Cloud storage is eventually going to take over the world, too. That's not to say you don't need any space on your computer, but once you have the improved storage space plus cloud backup the tablet will rein supreme.

Speed is only a matter of time

Speed is the same as storage space. At the moment there's no contest and it's obvious the laptop wins, but wait until you get a few years down the line and then see what happens. Laptops have gotten smaller and smaller over the years and the laptops that are being sold these days are nearly the same size as a tablet anyway. They're even going to be so fast that video and photo editing becomes a breeze.

People are used to small screens

You can see that by the number of people who are sporting tiny laptops and netbooks. Most people don't need a huge screen and something the size of an iPad is generally enough to satisfy most people. There's only going to be a few instances when a big screen is needed and you can hook your tablet up to a monitor when that time comes. The tablet will be your main system unit, but it just has the benefit of having a screen built in.

Apps and operating systems

There's soon going to be millions of apps. Using apps on tablets like the iPad is hugely convenient, but then you have Microsoft who have recently introduced the tablet that has a Windows operating system and it can easily deal with apps at the same time. Now Apple is going to fight back and come out with their own operating system that will outclass everything. And it will go on forever, but one thing we know is that tablets will have desktop operating systems that can equally deal with apps. Ultimate power.

Traveling around

In the future you'll find everyone is working from home. Well not everyone, but much more than at the moment. That means they'll have a desktop at home and they'll need something for traveling. That could be down to the coffee shop or to the other side of the world. When tablets turn into these amazing machines it's going to be much easier for everyone to carry them around instead of a laptop. The only question you have to ask yourself is when will it happen?

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