8 Of The Best Action Games For Android

The Android market doesn’t always get as much credit as it deserves. If you love playing games on the go, then having an Android phone or tablet allows you to pick up some quality games that will keep you occupied for hours. One genre we all seem to love is action games and there’s plenty of great ones available. Some you have maybe played before. Let’s have a look at the best ones you should definitely pick up.
Grand Theft Auto 3
This was one of the most eagerly anticipated games in the world before it came out and now you can pick up a great version to play on your Android device. It still packs plenty of meat like you’d expect from any GTA game. The whole virtual world is there for you to explore, as you fight your way through the city and steal more cars in a few minutes than you’ve ever driven in your life.
Real Steel
If you liked Street Fighter when you were younger it’s a safe bet you’ll like this. Set sometime in the near-future, you take charge of robots that battle each other in an underworld fighting arena. You have to try and unlock all the robots and there’s different games to choose from. Either do a tournament or just stick to some free-fighting.
Dungeon Hunter 2
If you’re looking for an amazing RPG game then look no further. DH2 is a continuation from the first game, but this time it’s even better. You are taken back to a time 25 years after the last game and play the part of a prince. Your kingdom is about to be destroyed and you have to discover the plot against you while making your way through more dungeons than anyone should have to in their lifetime.
Samurai II: Vengeance
Because the first installment of the game was so successful it meant that this one had to be just as good. It was over a year in development and finally gave everyone what they were hoping for. There’s tons of crazy violence and lots of puzzles to get your head around. The graphics are also great and you’ll want to experience this if you had any dreams of becoming a samurai when you were young.
Hero of Sparta
You finally have your chance to become a Spartan warrior. You wake up dazed and confused on an empty beach and everything is missing. Your men and ship are nowhere to be seen. In the end you have to pick yourself up and travel through lots of 3D lands where you kill everything in your path until you reach the end of your journey.
In 9mm you play the part of John Kannon, or Loose Kannon to your friends. You are the leader of a branch of cops who like to keep the streets clean in your own special way. It’s unlucky for you that the gangs want you dead. You killed a drug lord’s brother and he’s not happy with you. The only option is to kill him before it’s too late.
Trial Xtreme
This time the action takes up an entirely different format. Instead of running around shooting bad guys, you’re jumping on your bike and becoming a master of the track. The action is just as exciting and the game is amazing to play. It’s one of the games you can’t put down. You always want to complete the next level.
Captain America
You’ve seen the movie, now you probably want to play the game. Everything is going crazy. Red Skull is building scary weapons that will win the war and kill everyone. Your friends have been captured and are in big trouble. It’s up to you to go behind the enemy lines and rescue everyone before it’s too late.

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