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Undeniably, coffee is a beverage that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. If you are one of these individuals, there are a number of apps that you should absolutely have, since they are very useful in making your coffee drinking experience much more fun. In addition to that, some of them can also end up saving you a lot of money, since they have a number of features that you can use to reduce the cost of your coffee. Let's take a look at these 3 outstanding apps:


When you love making your own coffee or are thinking of doing so, this is the app to get. This app is designed to help one learn how to use an espresso machine to come up with different kinds of coffee based drinks as a professional would. If you have been drinking coffee for any period of time, you would know that quality coffee is not made by just boiling some coffee beans in water. Things such as the pressure of the water, the amount of water used and the duration of boiling all have to be precisely regulated to ensure that one comes up with the best cup of coffee. This app offers all the resources you need to do this. When you follow the instructions you get from it, you will be able to create all kinds of coffee based drinks with the skill of an experienced barista. The app is available for iPhone and only costs $2.99

Dunkin’ Run

When you work in an environment such as an office, you may find yourself being sent on coffee runs frequently. In such cases, you will have to find a way to get your orders right, so that you do not end up mixing them up. If you buy your coffee from Dunkin Donuts, this is one app that you can use to get rid of this problem. With this app, you can have your colleagues send in their orders from their iPhones, and these are then collated on your phone.

This way, you will have a list of all the different orders arranged in an orderly manner, and this will reduce the chances of making any mistakes. This app is also a lot of fun to use both for the person going for the coffee as well as the rest of the staff. The best thing of all is that it is free! Who doesn't like free stuff? Not me!


When you are a true coffee fan, one of the problems that you may face is how to find the nearest coffee shop. This is one of the best apps you can use for this purpose, since it offers many features that you can use to find such a shop. It can be used in any part of the world to locate the closest coffee shop. In addition to that, it has a host of features such as reviews that you can read to figure out whether the different shops are worth visiting or not.

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