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apps for the gardener

Apps for the Gardener

Gardeners are few and far between, and passionate ones are rare indeed. If you’re one of those rare blokes in the trade, these Android apps will most certainly hold your interest. If not, then they are bound to develop your interest in this sublime art and liberating world of gardening. 

Gardener: This app basically keeps a track of your gardening. You can upload pictures of the recently blossomed flower, of the just planted vegetable patch, of the seeded tree, and of much other stuff in your garden. Then take a snap again after everything is fully grown. You can then determine the time period of growth, the efficiency, and many other statistics. The app even helps you set a regular reminder for weeding, pruning and fertilizing. It’s one of the few excellent yet free apps in the play store. Force close issues are a common sight though, especially in the recent updates. Try the free version first and see if you like it.

Gardenate: A comprehensive guide towards transforming your lawn into a chic vegetable patch. This app provides detailed information about more than 90 popular garden vegetables, herbs, and soft fruits. Even if you don’t boast of a fertile lawn, the knowledge you’ll gain will be more than satisfactory. The local planting information includes on major countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The exhaustive tips come at a price, but it’s worth it.

Inner Garden: The official app description itself suggests that it’s the perfect choice for weaving daydreams. But more than that, it will prove to be extremely helpful in planning your gardening career. Quite like all the real-time games out there, this one also lets you build your own virtual garden. Great for spending your idle time and applying basic gardening ethics make it a complete package. The downside is that there are a number of glitches in the app interface; a refreshing pastime nonetheless.

Master Gardener Pocket Guide: Another guide on thorough gardening tips, but certainly not just another one. Apart from extensive information, it even boasts of a quiz to test your gardening skills. You can compare scores with your friends, or share them with the whole world and see where you stand among the best of the lot. The interface may have been better, but a slick app for garden lovers nonetheless. The price tag will seem negligible in comparison with the app itself.

Landscaper’s companion: As the name suggests, you’ll find out-and-out information on various species of plants, trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. That even includes the common and scientific names of each. Casual gardeners and aspiring botanists alike are bound to find something useful in this one. One major drawback of this app though is the lack of enough pictures on each breed of greenery. Worth the 5 bucks spent anyway. Cheap for what it provides.

Grow Buddy: You may safely say that I left the best for the last. An incredible tool to ensure your dearly nurtured garden never does wither away. It provides pH charts, temps, EC/TDS/PPM, height, humidity, light distance, and helps you create reminders and feeding schedules. It even aids you in keeping track of supplies and take pictures. Some outdated smartphone systems may not support it though, so check with the supplier before downloading it since it comes at a price.

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