6 Ways To Save Your Business While Traveling The World With Your Laptop

If you're building an online business I bet there's a good chance you want to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. That means traveling all over the globe and working from random places most people can only dream of. You might think the only thing you need is your laptop. You won't get very far without one, but it's definitely not the only thing you need. What would happen if it was to suddenly fall apart?
Would your business survive long enough until you sorted it out? It's actually very easy to build a business that doesn't depend on a laptop, but you need some security measures in place. Then if your laptop was suddenly to end up out of action you could move everything onto another one within a matter of hours. When you have customers than need to hear from you it's essential you have all of these in place.
A good laptop bag
You're going to need a laptop bag that will protect your laptop from any damage. You're always going to be on the move and jumping around different coffee shops, or even working in shared working spaces with fellow entrepreneurs. You can't carry it around in your hand all the time or it's going to get broken. Just make sure you can take it from place to place without getting damaged.
See what's happening
The only bad thing about using shared working spaces and coffee shops is the fact that you'll need to leave your laptop lying around at times, especially in shared working spaces. You can't carry your laptop to the toilet all the time, or everyone else is going to think you're weird. You don't really know these people, so install keylogger software and you can see who is messing with your laptop when you are not there.
A little flash drive
It's always beneficial to save some important things on a flash drive. When you travel all over the world you can't be guaranteed there will be internet access 24/7. If you have things saved on a flash drive it means you can work on things without needing any access to your online storage space. You won't be able to fit everything on them, but it's good for keeping the essentials.
Your main online storage space
Everyone should have a few places where they save things into the cloud, but there should always be one main one. This could be the one that's connected to everything. For example, if you used Dropbox you could have a special folder lying around on your computer. When you want any work saved you could just automatically save it to this folder. Whenever you are online it would sync with your online storage space and save everything.
Saving your website
If you're an online entrepreneur I'm going to go out on a limb and presume you have a website. This is more important than everything else put together. Your hosting company might say they will backup your site every week, but there's been too many people who have been stung because the backup vanished out of thin air. That's whole businesses down the drain. You need a special plug-in that lets you make a website backup as often as you want.
Don't let your email list die
Anyone with an online business should also have an email list. It's absolutely crucial that you export the list and save it every single week in life. No exceptions. If something happens to your account you might lose it forever. That's a huge amount of money you are pouring down the drain because you were too lazy to spend a few minutes backing it up.

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