Audials One Version 10 Review

As the computer becomes a major source of media reception, i.e. Pandora, Netflix, streaming radio, YouTube, Hulu, even Amazon is streaming movies and music, it’s nice to have a piece of software that can act as a DVR. Oh, sure you can pick and choose what you watch online, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to find just what you are looking for. Audials one has always been a good source for this, and version 10 makes it even easier. It was a cinch to install. In fact during the installation it asks you if you want it installed as a permanent program on the hard-drive or as a portable software package on your flash drive. I chose the portable version, and I have run it readily on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 64bit.

The interface is rather straight forward. The screen is split into three sections/columns. In the first section, the left column, you have a list of functions. The first series of functions allow you to search and play music, podcasts, music videos etc… The second series of functions are primarily of the DVR type. You can save streaming music and video for later playback. The third series of functions allow for file conversion. This allows you to convert from and to various formats depending on your need and the device you plan on playing them on. The lower section and fourth series of functions is the media center part. This area allows you to view and play media stored on your system, but it also allows you to sync files with other systems, mobile devices, the cloud, etc…. Over all they have embedded a number of quite useful functions directly into the software, thus alleviating the need to find other software to perform these functions.


In the second section, the center column, you can view your media choices. The functions chosen in the first section mentioned above will determine what appears in this section, whether it is a station listing, or a choice of how to record the stream chosen, or a list of what to convert, or what have you. Again this is very straight forward and makes your choices quite easy. This area is also the section where you provide your search criteria. As it is currently getting close to Christmas, I chose that as my search criteria. I was provided a list of numerous radio stations providing a platform of holiday music. I was also told what country those stations originated from, thus I could choose an American station, or Brazilian, or British, or German, etc… Therefore I knew when I chose the station that I would understand the language. Once I chose the station I was then allowed to “record selected” and my radio DVR began recording my chosen station.

The third section, the right column, provides you with standard media buttons – play, stop, pause, previous, next, and volume. It also provides you with media information pertaining to the currently playing media track. Here you can also create playlists of your favorite media. It allows you to sort your playlists by various means, thus maximizing your pleasure.

I would greatly recommend Audials one version 10 for anyone wishing to increase their personal media library without exceeding legal boundaries. With this product you are simply storing public broadcasted

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