Electrical Decorations – Safety Tips to Set the Festive Mood

Decorations! Whether it is your kid’s birthday, a dinner party, wedding reception or a festive occasion like Christmas, the party environment cannot be set without decorations. And many decoration is equally incomplete without twinkling, colorful lights. With LED lights gaining popularity over past few years, electrical decorations have gained a new meaning. Whether you use sparkling lights to add glitter to your dinner party in garden or use LED star designs to adorn your Christmas tree, colorful decorative lights add to the festive feeling to atmosphere and zeal to the mood. With so much enthusiasm in the air, any event that dampens this spirit is surely not welcome. Fires due to faulty wiring or over loading of wiring are common mishaps that occur at party events or during festive season. So, staying prepared against such untoward events and prioritizing on the safety of your family is a smart move. Don’t worry, you do not need to take lot of efforts, just follow few precautions and be at peace of mind.

Electrical decorations are an inseparable part of decorations but it needs to be done carefully and correctly. Even, a small mistake like incorrect wiring can end in a major fire that can even render the family homeless. Here are some tips that every homeowner must know and remember while using electrical decorations for his home –

• While choosing lights for decoration, keep the location it is going to be used in mind. There are different lights suitable for indoor and outdoor décor and they are rated accordingly, hence choose one after confirming whether it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
• Add safety switch boards that detect any imbalance in power and automatically cut the power flow, thus, averting any mishap. If you are getting a safety switch installed, make sure all light connections are connected to the safety switch board.
• Inspect all the lights before fitting them, no matter whether it is old or new. Look out for exposed wires, broken bulbs and cracked sockets, if you find any damage get it repaired immediately or discard them.
• While putting the lights, avoid hanging electrical lights on metal objects like metal trees or fences. Though the wires are insulated as per regulations, even a small malfunction can result in an electric shock to the person touching the tree. Electric shocks can sometime be fatal too.
• Overloading the extension cord is a common mistake made by many people and overloading causes the cord to get very hot and burn. Choose a properly sized and type of extension cord as there are different extension cords for indoor and outdoor use.
• Make sure that the electrical connections you are doing outdoors are weather-proof. Also, stay on safer side and switch off the lights during storms or rains.
• Turn off the lights when are going away from the house or when you are going to bed. Do not just turn the switch off, also remember to unplug the cord from sockets.

Choosing properly certified lights and other electrical accessories is vital for electrical safety. Visit the Electrical Warehouse online and browse through their collection of battery lights, LED lights and many other products. Choose your electrical products carefully and give your family safe and happy life!

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Description – Fires and shocks usually occur in festive events due to heavy use of electrical lights. Here are few safety tips while handling electrical decorations.

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