Top 3 Christmas Present Gadgets

Some people might like to get a knitted sweater off their grandmother or even a pair of socks from your sister. As a gadget guy I have a huge love for gadgets and anything that make things that little bit easier. With Christmas fast approaching it doesn’t leave much time for you to go and buy these great gadget but you will have to endure the Christmas rush in the shops and stand in line for hours but it will all be worth it in the end when you are holding your beloved Christmas gadget.

This year has been a huge leap forward for all types of new technologies and gadgets. In the last 2 months we have seen huge advances by all the big names such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google & Wii in the gaming industry. With all the big new products announced it is time to choose which ones you prefer. Here are my top 3 Christmas present gadgets.

#3 Nintendo Wii U

The Wii U launched on November 30th and it is the first next-generation console from the big three. Nintendo are known for their family fun and the Wii U is guaranteed to provide hours of multiplayer fun for all the family. I was doing the rounds visiting my cousins’ to drop over presents and they had one of these and I have to say it really was easy to use and I had great fun. The great thing about the Wii U is that it is HD and it has on demand app like Netflix and YouTube and they even supply the new call of duty game ready to play on launch.

The best feature for children and families is that children can play mini games while the parents are watching TV.

As everyone knows safety is important for Nintendo and they even provide lanyard strap for the Wii U to prevent any injuries during play.

#2 Nike Fuel Band
This smart gadget by Nike is perfect for those fitness freaks in the family or those who make the new years resolution to loose weight. This might be the inspiration they need to keep going and stick to their new years resolution. It is a stylish wristband and has a built in accelerometer, which can help you track every step you take whilst toting up how many steps you have taken and calories burnt throughout the day.

Your exercise is counted as fuel points, which can unlock content through a smartphone app, and you can also share your hard work with your friends through social networks. It also shows the time on the display.

Note: Only compatible with iPhone.

#1 Google Nexus 7

I have used both the Ipad Mini and the Google Nexus 7 and I prefer the nexus for a few different reasons.
1. I like to watch TV and Movies on my tablet and this fantastic HD display is great for just that.
2. Another hobby of mine is gaming and the Nexus has a quad core processor, which makes it a games console in its own right.
3. The quality of work and overall usability you get for a fraction of the price of the Ipad mini.
4. The 16 GB datacard version is now the same price as what the 8 GB used to be.
5. Price, Price, Price! Everything comes down to price for me.
6. With the Nexus you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck!

I hope these 3 Christmas gifts will be in loved ones stocking this year. Happy Christmas.

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