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eco gadgets

Eco Gadgets

Top 5 eco gadgets. The consumer technology is continuously growing and that too with some extraordinary speed. Every other person seems to have a smartphone or tablet device in his or her hand. The use of these devices is simply very much versatile in nature wherein you could see new customer bases are simply created with every single release.

However, number of environment friendly consumers could be worried about the carbon footprint, which seems to be steadily growing owing to the massive usage of technology. Luckily, there are several companies, which cater products for the eco-friendly consumers. The below is the list of top five eco gadgets.
1). PowerTrekk
If you are among the people who often have to travel on and off the road over the wilderness, at such point of time, you often have to rely over devices like smartphones to keep abreast about your work updates. However, for eco friendly people, you would need an eco friendly charger.

PowerTrekk is among the best option for such users, it is the most ingenious method of charging your smartphone when you move out for a holiday in the woods. You simply have to fill water inside this gadget and this charger would convert the hydrogen gas into electricity which helps in charging your smartphone through the USB port.

2). Biolite Camp stove
The normal camping stoves are very much damaging to the surrounding and environment since they run over liquid or gas fuel. On the other hand, the Biolite Camp Stove simply uses its surrounding or environment to generate heat.

It simply burn out small dried leaves and small size sticks simply to produce good amount of heat to cook the food. And that’s not all; you have some other features in this gadget- a USB charger, which helps you charging your phone or camera during any holiday. Give it a try in the woods.

3). Switch Bulb
If you are looking out for a light bulb with low energy at home, Switch Bulb is considered as the most viable option for you. It gives sufficient amount of light along with looking beautiful, thus adding aesthetic value to your walls. Also, it is competent to glow for a nonstop 25,000 hours before it actually burn out. Apart from the longevity factor, the bulb looks comes in various impressive and stylish designs.

4). Cook Up 200
This is among the other environment friendly gadget, which helps you in enjoying the life outdoors. Cook Up 200 helps in generating heat using the sunlight that goes up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Hence you could easily end up making your burgers without any hassle. It is pretty spacious having sufficient amount of food space, in this way, it can feed five of your hungry friends without any issue. So, whenever you have bright sunny day, don’t forget to use Cook Up 200.

5). iBamboo Speaker
This is good both in terms of creativity and usage. It looks cool and sleek thus having aesthetic value in it besides being an environment friendly gadget. It is made from bamboo and the waste products by recycling them. And that’s not all; the iPhone sound could be amplified using the resonance of bamboo.

Final word
Considering the environment concerns, companies too have started catering environment gadget to the people. Companies like Apple and Google too are seen vouching for recycle phones now wherein they are giving vouchers collecting the old handsets.

Hopefully with the above list of top eco friendly gadgets, you could choose to remain eco friendly. Better for you and better for the planet. Eco Gadgets are fun.

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