Why The Newest Smart Phone May be a Waste of Money

Smart phones are incredibly popular these days, and it’s understandable why. They offer a fantastic range of functions wrapped in up a modern and stylish design – but are they all they’re cracked up to be? Many phone users are now finding that they can get better value for their money by sticking to a more traditional model.

One of the many reasons smart phones have become increasingly popular is because not only are they deemed useful – they’re also a fashion accessory. As with many on trend items – people are paying a premium for the privilege. But when it comes down to it, do you really need to be paying more? A considerable number of phone users are now bucking the trend and going their own way – by sticking to affordable usability rather than expensive fashions.

Smart phones are considerably more expensive

If you’ve ever tried to buy a new phone without a sim card or contract, you’ll have seen how expensive they actually are. Most phone companies get away with offering free or cut price phones because they sign you up to lengthy contracts. You’re not actually getting anything for free, you’re just paying for it over the next few years. At $40 a month, that soon adds up to more than covering the cost of a handset. In reality, the extra charges that are bundled into your package cost very little at all. Most cell phone provider’s main goal is to get you signed up to the lengthy contract, it’s no wonder they offer the handset for “free”.

Many modern phone packages will also offer bandwidth data, so you can use your smart phone to surf the web. Many phone enthusiasts have praised the ease in which you can now do many daily tasks on your phone, but others decry them as gimmicks and passing fads. You might have seen your friends check some info from the web on-the-fly with their phone, but many users find that in the end, they don’t really use the feature very often. After all, most of the time you aren’t far from a computer anyway.

Most of the features on new smart phones are simply gimmicks, that you’re paying for the privilege of using. That extra data bandwidth you got sold with your cell package might have seemed necessary, but for those who don’t use their phone online very often (or at all) – you’ll be wasting money paying extra for it.

Many “apps” seem useful and unique – but most of them are a triumph of marketing over substance. If you like playing games, it’s unlikely the capacity your phone provides will keep you satisfied. While some apps and games can be great, again, you’re paying a premium for them.

Many cell phone users find that they only want to make regular calls and send sms messages. For this, an older and more robust handset can do the job just fine, on a more standard call package. This can save you cold hard cash at the end of every month.

Peter Eltham has had his smart phone for a few years now, but is considering moving back to a more traditional model. Like many others, he might be eligible for a free cell phone from the Government. Find out more at our site.

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