5 Of The Coolest Solar Gadgets

It might be a while until summer as of yet, but those warm, brighter days don’t be long arriving and with them all the fun of the sun.

Fortunately, with them comes a whole host of solar powered technology that will make even the least geeky gadget lover excitement. So, let’s take a look at some of the coolest solar powered tech.

Logitech Wireless Solar Powered Keyboard

The Logitech solar powered keyboard is a super slender 8mm offering that’s compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and phones via the powers of Bluetooth technology. There’s no need for a battery either and a full charge through the solar cell at the top will provide you around three months of battery life.

Solar Kindle

The e-reader that created the trend and still sells by the bulk load has received the power of Mother Nature to power its e-ink. This device from Solar Focus doubles as a cover for the screen and has a solar panel inside the casing to lap up the sun discreetly. It can also be used to power a reading light and works with Kindle 4and Touch versions.

Woods Solar Powered Tent

A solar powered tent you say, well more-so a tent with solar powered LED lighting inside. The EZ tent has a range of solar powered LED lights strung inside, all of which are connected to a panel on its outside that charges the lights within 6 hours. This provides two to four hours of night time lighting, plenty of time to get up at night and go for a pee so.

Goal Zero Sherpa 120 Kit

Laptop batteries are easily and quickly drained and this kit is the solution to that problem. The device runs at a high efficiency rate and can manage to charge a laptop battery to full charge within 5 hours. It can also be used with smart phones and manage to juice them up within 2-4 hours. It’s also surprisingly light at 6.5lbs, which considering it includes a panel, cables and power pack isn’t so bad. Once the pack is full it can hold 120Wh, enough to charge the average laptop twice or more.

Petal solar light

This cute device is a plant shaped solar light that charges up during the day and then emits its brightness at night in the form of light. It’s a very stylish and cool alternative to decorative lighting and you don’t even have to water it – perfect for students so.

Cormac Reynolds writes for Worldofsolar.com and is a tech geek and lover of green technology and the advances it has made.

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