Geek Fitness

When most people hear the word geek, they automatically think of a person who sits inside playing computer and video games throughout the day. While geeks may enjoy their technology, they also have plenty of different techniques and methods for exercising and staying fit. Geeks can put their love of technology to good use when it comes to achieving fitness goals. For example, a geek who loves playing World of War Craft could easily begin to multitask by playing the game while riding on an exercise bike in the comfort and privacy of their home.

There are also several video games that can keep these geeks on their feet. While some video games require hours of sitting and shooting, Just Dance 4, Techno Motion, and Dance Dance Revolution are all popular dance games that geeks cannot seem to get enough of. The good part about these games is they get people off of their feet, or off of their rear, and get them moving around.

Source: Geek’s Guide to Fitness