LED-LCD TVs – Save Electricity And Enjoy Crisp Display

save electricity with an LED TV

LED-LCD TVs have flooded the electronic market around the globe, save electricity and enjoy the crisp display. There are different factors responsible for their growing popularity. Manufactures are vying with each other to get a hold of the market. Here is what makes these televisions a good buy.

The days of the box shaped TVs are over; this era belongs to the slim and sleek LED-LCD TVs. If the box type television is compared with the modern LED – LCDs TVs the differences will throw the former in very poor light.

They were huge and downright ugly. The picture quality was considered good but then we didn’t know any better. The introduction of LED – LCDs has changed all that. The new televisions use newer technology and unlike the sets of the past they are incredibly stylish. With an LED-LCD installed at home you can be assured of an elegant looking gadget adorning your home and a better viewing experience.

The chic design creates a style statement that adds classiness to the interiors. You can either mount these beauties on the wall or have them placed on smart stands. Either way they enhance the look of the space they are placed in. They complement ultra modern, contemporary furniture and homes as well as harmonize well in traditional settings.

Save Electricity – Money Saver – Power Consumption

One of the major advantages with LED-LCD TVs is that they use far less power than normal television sets. It is estimated that they consume between 40% – 70% less power than CRT TVs. Save electricity and save money. Though they are considerably expensive, they end up saving money in the long run because of the economical power consumption.

There is a marked reduction in electricity bill of those who have installed these televisions at home. It makes sense to buy a television which takes less power while offering you better performance. Who doesn’t want to save electricity and money?

Superior Viewing – Brighter Pictures

The latest technology used in these televisions offers a brightly lit display which improves picture quality. Eyes are not strained even after watching television for long hours. Viewing television at night with the lights turned off is not stressful either. The non-reflective screen fitted on these TV sets makes it comfortable to watch television even when natural light is streaming in. The non reflective screen acts as a barrier to light and prevents glare.

Better Performance – Picture quality

There is no denying that the picture quality in LED-LCD TVs is much clearer and sharper. The same can be enhanced further by adjusting the contrast and brightness. High-end LED-LCD TVs with revolutionary technology have a multi-colored backlight that naturally augments images on screen.  

Light Weight – Allows Portability

LED-LCD TVs are extremely light weight and occupy hardly any space when displayed. In fact the ones with the edge lit technology are very slim. The televisions weigh a fraction of what televisions from the past weighed. This makes it easy to move them around. I used to have a giant projection TV that was heavy and huge. I finally upgraded to an LED TV once the bulb on the projection TV went out.

Design – A Piece of Art

The ground breaking technology has been proven, boosting the popularity of the LED-LCD TVs. As a result the numerous television manufacturers have introduced different variants and models. Consumer’s now have the advantage of picking from the best brands available in the market. Manufacturers use different tactics to capture the customers’ interest and the most saleable of these has been introducing attractive designs.


Tim Johnson is head buyer for an electronics retail chain in Brisbane. He spends most of his hours testing new gadgets and home equipment before deciding which ones to carry in the stores. He currently enjoys testing the latest LED TVs.

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