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You will find a number of gadgets to be brought out by different brands before the gadget freaks. A wide range of technological innovations are expected the year 2013, hence consumers are most likely to have good time in the ongoing year. There are many cool gadgets, which are certainly going to hit this world. Let’s look at some of the best gadgets to be launched in the year of 2013.
Fujitsu Lifebook 2013
This gadget is certainly going to change the world of tablets and laptops, which is scheduled to be launched in current January end. Fujitsu Lifebook is a blend of different digital technologies into one unit. These include a cool camera, complete laptop features, calling features, etc. hence it is going to rock in every single department of different workplaces. Also, if you want to use two different devices like camera and laptop separately then you have a detachment option, which allows you to use these things apart. Also, this gadget can behave like a tablet, which carries a touch screen based keyboard. This device also acts like a cellular phone apart from being called as other machines, thus you could even make video calls using this gadget Lifebook.

BlackBerry 10
This device runs on a most powerful operating system, which is inspired by the QNX technology. This newly introduced operating system is revamped completely and comes up with a new smart keyboard known as BlackBerry Hub, which works via intuitive swipe gesture. You can expect this device with dual core processor having touch screen interface with QWERTY keyboard by this month end of 2013.

Google Project Glass
This is a unique gadget from Google, which would replace your smartphone or any tablet to a great extent especially when you are searching out for some information. The Google Glass will help you in seeing all your desired information over the field of view via an augmented reality and head mounted display. For the users, who use glasses (specs), they can fit this device with the prescription lenses.

Basic Band
You must have heard a lot about heart rate monitor and pedometers, but in the year 2013, you would expect more advance kind of gadgets with so many features. It is known as Basis Band, which is basically a monitor simply designed like a wrist watch. This small device on your wrist helps in monitoring the human body in the best way. It helps in tracking your heart rate, the amount of calories burnt in your daily life, checking your blood pressure rate, your sleeping patterns and other physical activities. This health gadget would be called as one of the most incredible creation of 2013 in health sector, which is expected to hit the world in next few months.

Xbox 720
It’s a high end console from Microsoft, which works on motion detection technology, helps in displaying the augmented technology three dimensional images over the wall, which would demand the user to wear 3D glasses backed by the Wi-Fi. It will also come with a Blu Ray drive. As per the reports, Xbox 720 is more likely to hit the world in autumn 2013.

Final word
The year 2013 is good in terms of technological gadgets, which had been in the media discussions since the past year 2012. The above list of 2013 gadgets is just a few in a wide range of gadgets and devices, which are likely to be seen in the current year.

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