How To Print From Your IPhone Through Your Printer

In the world today, the advanced touch screen technology has been made easier now more than ever for the users. It is such a wonderful task one being able to print from their iPhone. The mostly used printing method using the iPhone is air printing. With the printers that are supported by air print, one can be in a position to print from their iPhone. An iPhone can therefore be said to be an incredible device which you can use to conduct different functions. With thousands of the applications, one is likely to enjoy using it. It is enabled with functions that are featured in a computer thus making it the best for the users. Unlike computers and laptops, an iPhone is easily portable.

In this article, I will demonstrate how you can be able to print from your iPhone. The article is aimed to give step by step options on how you can print through air print. Though there are other ways of printing from an iPhone including via the iPhone’s mail application, via a printer networked with HP and via a dedicated application, the user should choose the best for them. This can also be applied to the poster printer.

Steps on how to print from an air print supported printer using an iPhone:

  1. In order to print from an air print enabled printer, one should make sure that the iPhone and the printer use the same wireless network. This ensures that there is no problem during printing because printers with different wireless network with the iPhone may not work.
  2. The iPhone should also be Wi-Fi enabled to ensure that the wireless network is accessible. One should verify that the Wi-Fi button reads on and also there is a selected network.
  3. One should also make sure that the printer’s settings are configured. This is by enabling air printing so that one can be in a position to print from their iPhone through wireless network. One should also make sure that the printer has a Wi-Fi connection like the iPhone.
  4. One should afterwards open an application that supports air print in order to be in a position to print using the wireless network.
  5. With all the above steps, one is ready to print from their iPhone. The user should press print in order to print the specific documents.
  6. After pressing print, one should select the printer they want to print their documents from and also the number of pages to be printed.
  7. After all the above steps have been carried out, one should press print and the documents will print one by one.

This is the coolest way to enjoy using ones iPhone. No doubt that an iPhone can perform all the tasks that a laptop can. Its size is user friendly and makes it the best to use. It also has a perfect internet connection and other applications that make it the best option for the users needs.

Mark Joseph is a specialist in digital design and has written many books about the same. He finds more and more information about the iPhone and other digital gadgets and shares to his readers.

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