Mobile Phones With Parental Controls

You can never keep your child away from the smart phone trend, no matter how hard you try. There would be someone in their school, karate class, neighbourhood, or tuition circle having a mobile phone, and your kids would badger you no end about them owning one. We aren’t against you providing your kids with smart phones. However, keeping the safety and security of your child in mind, we recommend you installing parental control software onto their mobile phones.

What is parental control software used for?

Parent control software is your virtual watch-dog. Kids these days have unlimited access to information both good and bad, proper and obscene, and what’s worse, you cannot stop them from viewing it. However, what you can do is operate parental control software onto your kids’ phones so you know what your child is up to.

These automated apps serve a lot of functions. There are software programs that let you know where your child is located exactly and some even provide you with a motion tracker so you know your child’s whereabouts the whole day. There are software programs that provide you access to the messages and calls your child makes and gets and the list of contacts your child has on the phone list. Internet activity is also recorded and shown to you by the software. You can set game monitoring too.

One more important purpose that parental control software lets you accomplish is blocking apps and Internet sites. You can block a whole list of domain names on your child’s phone. You can block contacts, mobile phone numbers, gaming apps, and reduce access to certain parts of your child’s smart phone too. This feature is particularly important since, you have your child’s phone activity completely in control.

Is using parental control bad?

There are many parents who are okay with their kids using mobile phones at age ten or lower. Moreover, they consider using parental control software programs as an infringement on the rights their kids have. They therefore resist these controls offered to them citing child independence.

While we do feel being obsessed with whom your child talks and flirts with is unhealthy for most parents, parental control software installation is highly crucial. Your children aren’t yet exposed to the perils of life and the society. They have no idea about the predators lurking around or the fact that having a smart phone can lead them to doom. It is you, who has to look over them, at a distance using parental control software.

Bottom line

Install parent control software and check your child’s activities over a period of time without being paranoid about your child in danger. Many children are far too innocent to realize the perils that lurk in the big wide world. Use parent control effectively, but don’t misuse the program either, a child doesn’t need to feel they are constantly being watched or not trusted.

These days, almost every phone carrier offers you some kind of parental control software up gradation. You will have to pay a small charge towards the services but, shall be relieved about your kids’ safety as a result.

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