Top 5 Worst Scenarios For RAID Hard Drive Failure

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We curse, we spit on the ground, and we grind our teeth. It's that stupid computer again. Freezing, swallowing files, and just deciding to die. In our world of ease and advanced technology, we can't help but curse when things break. We have a particularly tense love-hate relationship with our RAID hard drives and servers. We love the vast data storage, and we love the convenience. But when something goes wrong, it always goes wrong at the worst times.

1. College Finals

You got your RAID-0 hard drive on your laptop so you could play your games without worrying about the lag or overwhelming your computer system. But now you wonder why you didn't put all that procrastination, such as playing new games and chatting with love interests, to better use. Your hard drive bit the dust and all your projects and papers have disappeared. So instead of celebrating the end of the semester with everyone else, you're redoing all your final projects.

2. During a Big Business Deal

There's no better way to lose a client than when your presentation or proposal material is erased the morning of the meeting. It's easy to lament, but try to view it as the fates telling you that there are better clients to come. It may also indicate that you need to find a more reliable system. Better yet, simply get your RAID repaired and find your information again.

3. Launching a New Product

You're selling super-fruit drinks, and you have come up with yet another concoction to heal cancer. You and your small company have everything set up to send it out into the world when the worse happens. The servers frizz and some of your product logos, articles and other information are scrabbled. What do you do? Launch, start over, or try to repair your server? Repairing it will save money, and it'll possibly get all your information back, which then allows you to avoid putting out further effort to rework ideas.

4. Natural Disaster

The worst time for RAID, or any other server, to fail is during a natural disaster. Depending on what these servers are for, it could leave you without internet. Considering that there may be power surges or outages, and if there's flooding, there's not much you can do to prevent it. Yeah, it sucks. Just hope that your cell phone is working so that you can tell your family that you are safe. The faster the RAID server is repaired, the better.

5. VidCon (YouTube Conference)

A RAID server breaking down during VidCon is almost equivalent to a natural disaster. At least it would be if YouTube uses RAID servers. If VidCon were to be knocked out by a server error, the whole conference would be ruined–at least mostly. Thankfully, the people who made the videos come in person, but there is live streaming from VidCon into the homes of people who like the internet to stay on the internet. It may ruin it for them.


It's tempting, but your hard drive doesn't deserve to be thrown away even though it up and died on you. It can be repaired. If you have recently experienced RAID hard drive failure, see what talented technicians or recovery experts can do for you. They know how to rescue you from disaster and repair your RAID hard drive. Don't ever try to fix the problem on your own because you'll just be doing more harm than good.

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