Writing Professionally From Home With Your Laptop And Flash Drive

These days with the depressed economy, we are looking for ways to earn money from home as either a full-time income or a part-time income. The PC and the flash drive have become two of the most important pieces of equipment for those that work from home. Writing for the web is something that is taking the world by storm and here we will tell you just how to do it and earn cash as early as the next day.

How does writing copy for the web work?

What happens is companies need writers to put informative and engaging content on their websites. We will explain this then get into your supplies you will need to start like computer and flash drive. They don’t want to hire in-house writers and keep them on an expensive payroll so they go to job boards and post writing jobs and graphic design, flash, adobe and Joomla specialists and the like. When you bid on a job and they choose you, you will be given a certain time period to complete the job. The money will be put in escrow for you and released when you have completed the job. You are chosen based on the profile you put up with a short bio and a sales pitch about why you are a fantastic writer that they should hire now! Your money is safe with the company hosting the job board and they make sure your payment for a job well done. You can then withdraw the funds and dump it into your bank account or PayPal; it is as simple as that.

Supplies you will need to write on-line

Your computer is the most obvious thing and a laptop will be more suitable because you can go to any coffee shop and you have free WiFi to use and people to look at and coffee to keep you awake because most real freelancers are night owls and work long hours. It will also save you the cost of your own hot spot or ridiculously priced ‘bundle’ with your cable company. You also can’t risk losing the internet when everything else breaks down so make sure your internet is not connected to anything else. Then there is the flash drive, this is uber important because you will need to save your work on the flash drive as well as the computer itself because if you have a crash or lose the computer altogether, you will be able to plug it into a public computer or a friends and get your content to the clients on time so you can get paid on time.

Looking for legitimate sites

Google writing for money online and you will find the top job boards like E Lance or O Desk. Get on one first to warm up and then the other. Do not join any job board that asks you to pay for a membership or doesn’t keep your money in Escrow.


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