15 Apps to Save Time in your Busy Day

These days, most people find that there are not enough hours to get the things done that they need to do. With the fast paced life that most of us our living, keeping up with the clock just is not possible. Most people drive themselves crazy trying to stay on top of everything.

Those who do not do that are often those who are constantly falling behind schedule. But staying on top of things is very possible, and in fact can be rather easy so long as you have some help along the way.

We have gathered 15 of the most important apps that will allow you to do the things you need to do with out having to go home, log on to your computer, wait for it to load and then type out all of your needs.

These are (unless stated) all apps that are entirely free, and will allow you to make more use of the hours that you have in the day. Because we all know that there are not nearly enough, and every little bit of extra help makes managing time that much easier to do.

App Number 1: Seesmic

If you are a person who loves to Tweet, no doubt you know how annoying Twitter’s app can be. Having to wade through all of the latest community Tweets, and many other frustrating things, can take up a lot of your time.

Not to mention you can only link a single account with Twitter’s app, and if you manage your own business and talk to your customers, letting them know what is up (which you should be doing), this can be a pain.

Seesmic is a wonderful app that allows you to manage multiple accounts, and see all of the relevant Tweets in your stream. It is extremely professionally designed, and is rated as the top Twitter app around—even more highly rated than Twitter’s own app.

App Number 2: UK Jobs

Let us be honest; the economy sucks. Being unemployed is terrible, and it can be hard to always look for a job all of the time, keeping up with the latest listings, and still manage your day to day needs and activities.

Well with the UK Jobs app, you can easily see all of the job openings currently available in the UK, provided to you in a seamless and beautifully simplistic stream that is very easy to use. Of course, UK Jobs is only for those in the UK, so if you live in the US, you are just going to have to wait until some US developer picks up on this great app idea—which, we hope, is very soon indeed.

App Number 3: WordPress for Android

If you own a business, then chances are you have a WordPress web site. These are the most affordable (because they are entirely free) and useful (because they are easily and highly customizable) web sites currently in use today.

With the WordPress for Android app, you can easily manage your content right from your phone. If you are always finding yourself apologizing to costumers for the long delay in between up date because you just can not seem to find the time to log in and fix or update the things that need it, the WordPress for Android app is going to be invaluable to you is a business person.

App Number 4: Swype

Swype is one of the most popular keyboards available today for mobile devices. It is faster than typing with your thumbs as it does not freeze up and glitch when you start to type too quickly, and it is more accurate than Google Voice because you are controlling exactly what you write.

Swype is a keyboard that allows you to draw lines from letter to letter on your keyboard to spell out words instead of having to hit each and every single individual key. For those who are always struggling to keep their fingers up to the speed of their mind, Swype is an excellent solution.

App Number 5: iMapMyRUN

iMapMyRUN is for those who have gotten fed up with how bloating and unnecessary Nike’s running program is—which is to say, nearly anyone who has ever used it. iMapMyRUN allows you to do several things all at once.

For the active person, it is a god send. What this app does is allow you to quickly input and keep track of your calories through out the day, showing you how close you are to your daily limit. It also allows you to easily create new running routes, with a GPS, and then track your mileage almost entirely more accurately than Nike’s running program does.

What is more is that this app also allows you to keep track of your work outs, so if you do other exercise than running, you can stay on top of literally everything. It also allows you to connect with your friends, which makes staying on the path to your goal much easier.

App Number 6: GasBuddy

Tired of spending time driving from gas station to gas station trying not to get robbed for your money by the outrageous gas prices? Tired of doing all of this driving around and then invariably forgetting which prices belonged to which gas stations? Well, you are not alone. The creators of GasBuddy are geniuses.

They started the gas station mapping and tracking first, and they still, arguably, do it best. While the interface for GasBuddy is not the greatest, this app is invaluable because it allows you to find the cheapest gas prices near you. This will save you countless minutes of driving around town, and in the end, that adds a lot to your day.

App Number 7: Evernote

Evernote is that app that took a great idea, implemented it, and did it very well. Ever find that you are having a hard time keeping track of all of your devices, or at the very least, keeping organized across all of your devices? Well, you are not the only person. Luckily, Evernote makes it easy. Evernote is an app that allows you to do several things.

First, you can take notes, make lists, take pictures of boards for ideas, and do literally anything any good organizational app lets you do. Then you can share all of this info, or save it. And best of all you can search through your entire directory of tasks, allowing you to ensure you never forget a thing.

App Number 8: Google Maps Navigation

No one likes getting lost when they have very little time to spare. The thing is, most people have literally no time to spare at all. Getting lost can cost you a job, or a number of other things. And let us face it; Apple Maps was a disaster. As of 2013, it is one of the worst replacement scheme apps ever made.

Google Maps Navigation is one of the best. It allows you to, well, navigate. With Google Maps Navigation, getting lost and being late are both things of the past. And if you like your job, then that is a good thing.

App Number 9: Astrid

Astrid is an open source style task list and planner. What makes it so special is that it is an excellent task list and planner. Planner apps are almost always hit or miss, and too few hit the mark to begin with, resulting in hundreds of misses across the board.

Astrid is one of our favorite task managers because it allows you to do so very much, and it has so many customization options. With Astrid, you can just as easily notify some one else on your contacts list with an auto notify as you can yourself, which is invaluable if you are a person who frequently finds themselves hindered by other people being unreliable.

App Number 10: Shareprice

For those who have stocks, no doubt it can be a troublesome bother to try and keep an eye on your stock at all times. And several of the stock apps currently available are just complete blunders. Shareprice is one of the best, because it does things in a way that are entirely convenient for the user.

Shareprice allows you to check your stocks in private, so that, in the case your shares are doing poorly, you do not have to notify the world of the fact. This app is ideal also because it allows you to keep track of all of your stocks, so you do not have to sift through the countless shares out there to check how yours are doing.

App Number 11: Dropbox

Dropbox is not the perfect app. But if you are a person who needs to use files on short notice, it is very useful. Dropbox is very popular because it allows you to download, upload and manage files in the Dropbox data base right from your phone.

It is lacking a few features, and it requires you to down load any files you want to edit directly to your phone, which, depending on your available disk space, could be unrealistic, but the fact remains that even despite these things, it is still far more useful and convenient than Google’s Drive service, which tends not to work on most mobile devices.

App Number 12: the Amazon App

Amazon is a giant. They are one of the most widely successful companies on the planet. Why? They offer great deals, great bonuses, and great shipping. What other company gives you free two day shipping all year round for just seventy five bucks a year? None. If you find your self needing to purchase things, but never quite having the time to do so from home, then the Amazon App is priceless.

It will allow you to manage your account, buy, manage sales if you are a seller, stream movies and TV, and manage your community account as well. The app is super simple to use, and has a very clean and helpful interface, making it one of the best store apps on the market to date.

App Number 13: Google Reader

If you use Google, the Google Reader is the perfect app for you. It is a glorified RSS feed that allows you to keep track of and manage any number of Google accounts. It is also very clean, and easy to use.

For those who use their email account and are tired of having to switch from that to their Google Plus accounts, then any other account, the Google Reader is a wonderful solution that will save you loads of time.

App Number 14: Blogger

This is another app that caters to the business crowd and the always constantly busy blogger crowd. If you have a Blogger account, until recently, you would have had to either open it in a browser in your phone (which can be very buggy), or update your Blogger from home.

The Blogger app allows you to up date your Blogger account easily, and manage all of the things that you have to, including your account info and communication with other blogs. It is also tied directly in with Google Plus, making it a two for one sort of deal that can be extremely convenient if your Google Plus account and Blogger account are used for practically the same purpose.

App Number 15: the eBay App

eBay has had one of the most notoriously bad apps for years. However recently they have hauled all of the junk just where it belonged and have cleaned things up nicely. If you do business on eBay, the eBay app is not a thing that you can pass up on. It is easy, and it is simple. It will allow you to access your account and manage it, and you even get bonuses for listing using the eBay mobile app.

Terry Jacobs is a freelance writer who enjoys researching and writing on a very broad range of topics.  He’s written for businesses as diverse as software companies, recycling plants, watch repair businesses, and many more.

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