Choosing The Right Cordless Screw driver For You

Everyone needs to have a rudimentary understanding of the most basic tools that are found in a toolbox and a cordless screwdriver certainly fits that criteria. In fact, the cordless powered versions are becoming a must-have for the average homeowner. The convenience that it provides allows you to take care of quick jobs without any headaches at all. Gone are the days of having to twist and wrench your arm to death to tighten up those screws. You simply put your cordless to the screw and let it do the turning for you. Still, there are a great many different cordless screwdriver out there. How do you know which one you need?

Do You Need A Screwdriver Or A Drill?

There is a huge difference between a screwdriver and a drill. A drill is designed to screw in things that are much more difficult and that require a great deal of power. They are larger and can take care of everything from basic everyday tasks, up to complicated power-hungry carpentry jobs. A common cordless screwdriver is often as simple as a little powered screwdriver designed to take care of the simple needs around the house or garage. These are two different tools and it is important to know which one you need before you go shopping. Screwdrivers are for the folks that just need a basic tool. Drills are for folks that plan to do bigger jobs that require more power.

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The Basic Cordless Screwdriver

These screwdrivers are generally just a lightweight tool that plugs into the wall when not in use. The power from the plug in keeps the battery juiced and ready for your easy screwdriver needs around the home. They are ideal for hanging pictures, tightening those loose doorknobs and other basic household jobs. It is not very good for anything that requires a great deal of power. This tool is fantastic for hanging up in the kitchen and having close by when you need a quick job taken care of. You can buy extenders for them that can make hard to reach areas easier to deal with as well.

A Cordless Drill

Drills can vary wildly as well but they all are usually designed to handle the toughest jobs around. This might include hanging window blinds, drilling into steel, installing a TV bracket or any other heavy duty use. It usually has a portable battery pack that charges up and they vary depending on the power of the drill. Regardless, the cordless drill is a basic tool found in most toolboxes these days. You can find these for less than twenty bucks but you certainly get what you pay for.

If you don’t have either of these basic tools in your toolbox, then you might consider adding them both in the near future. They make the everyday jobs a whole lot easier and make your life just a little less painful. What more could you ask for from a power tool?

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