Nikon D800 Camera Review

Before I get started the Nikon D800 is a great camera and is a photographers dream come true. Nikon say that every photo will astound and Every video will dazzle and I have to say it’s true. The photos that you can take are superior to any other camera I have every used. The Videos are also brilliant and the footage this camera allow you to capture is sublime and again is as good if not better than any other camera.

This camera produces HD quality Videos and the highest quality of Photo available. I have used it with many of my clients and since I am a one man show this camera works great for me. I shot photos and videos for an Irish Photobook company called Capture Me and they were very impressed with the outcome.

Shutter Speed

The Nikon D800 has great shutter speed, 1/8000 to 30 seconds. This great camera uses an electronically controlled vertical travel focal plane and this increases shutter speed that allows you to capture even more high quality photographs. This camera also has of shutter modes:

• Continuous High-speed; 4 frames per second
• Continuous low-speed; 1-4 frames per second
• Mirror-up Mode
• Single frame mode
• Self-timer mode
• Quiet Shutter Release

Picture control
This camera gives you control over the pictures you take to allow you to achieve perfection. You can choose from the following control settings:

• Neutral Control
• Portrait Control
• Landscape Control
• Standard Control
• Vivid Control
• Monochrome Control
• Customised Control for the user

The storage is also a great feature, because it allows you to use SD cards and you can use other storage devices like:

• CompactFlash

This Camera adds so much to my business and the photographs I can take. This camera is a work of perfection and being a perfectionist it allows me to achieve this throughout my collection of unique photo albums. It is so flexible so when I need to shoot videos and photographs it allows me to cut down on the bulky items I have to bring to the shoot.

I have used and bought many cameras in the past and they have been great but this camera is so far ahead of any camera I have every used before. This camera is a big investment but every time you take a picture it pays off. I would rate this camera 5/5 it takes high quality photos and HD video what more could you want from a camera?

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