Pick The Perfect Printer For You

If you fancy a new printer and decide to pop down to your local computer retail store, you will soon be faced with a difficult choice. In the last few years, the amount of different models available has multiplied faster than you could imagine. This article looks at the different types of printers and the users that they are designed for.

What Type Of User Are You?

When we talk about printer users, there are four main profiles. The printer that will suit your needs depends on which category you fall into:

Home PC user – This user demands a lot from the printer, and it had better deliver! He will not be happy to pay too much for this device and will expect it to print photo quality as well as do the children’s homework, when they remember to actually do it.

Ideal Printer – Probably something like a small color inkjet would serve the home PC user’s needs. But he may be dismayed to learn the cost of the replacement cartridges. They can often be almost a third the cost of the actual printer itself. If he spent a little more, then he could opt for a small laser printer for the heavier work.


Student user – This type of user will no doubt be printing a huge thesis at some point of his life as a student. And many times probably, as the output may not quite be what his tutor had in mind. He won’t be interested in a slow chugging device because he has places to go and pubs to visit.

Ideal Printer – A black and white laser printer should suffice for all of the text based bumpf required. A color laser printer will be out of the student’s meager budget, unless Daddy is rich. A multifunction inkjet may be more versatile, especially when it comes to adding diagrams to the text. But the ink refills and the extra cost could add to the student debt issue.


Professional Photographer – A color inkjet can manage some small digital photographs, but if you are in the trade, you will need something a tad meatier. You can improve these details by purchasing proper photo quality paper and higher quality ink product.

Ideal Printer – A Snapshot printer is an excellent choice as you can print directly from the digital camera. A high end multifunction inkjet would also be a wise choice and you have the scanning and fax options that would support a busy professional nicely.


Small Business UserThese users will be looking for a printer that can do everything a larger printer can but at a fraction of the price. Sadly the cheap option will probably not last long before blowing a fuse!

Ideal Printer – Again, the multifunction printer seems to win the day, it has the fax and scanner options that are required by most small businesses. But the printer may not be up to the hammering it will undoubtedly receive. Perhaps a decent laser printer combined with a standalone fax and scanner would be the best option.

This post is authored by Nick Carter. Technology lover by passion, he masquerades during the day as a staff member at Tonerpals, a company that deals in printer ink cartridges. In his spare time, he likes to write about the modern technology and equipments.

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