Say Goodbye To Stress With These 4 Ultimate Yoga Apps

Suffering from extreme stress and anxiety issues? Looking to establish a better balance between your mind and body? Want to feel good mentally and physically? The key to all these questions lies in one word – yoga. A single solution to all your anxiety and healing woes, yoga can be a good option to get back in shape, both mentally and physically. There are several techniques involved in yoga such as stretching, controlled breathing, meditating, and relaxing. With just a little bit of guidance and tips, yoga can also be practiced at home easily. So why not convert your smart phone into a yoga guru and follow these four incredible yoga apps listed below to do it like a pro!

Daily Yoga (Available on Android and iOS)

This dynamic app, available free for Android and iOS users, is arguably one of the best, as far yoga apps are concerned. Concentrating on various aspects of the body such as the back, abs, chest, hips, and weight loss, Daily Yoga has a vast library of more than 300 poses, soothing background music, live voice instructions and videos for you to refer to. Moreover, via its social community support, Daily Yoga also helps you connect and share updates with friends and other yogis.

Simply Yoga (Available on Android and iOS)

Simply Yoga is a simple yet efficient yoga app that will play the role of a perfect yoga instructor. Essentially a workout app, Simply Yoga includes 20, 40, and 60 minute workout sessions in the form of simple and short videos, breaking down and demonstrating each pose in a sequence. With its superb video demonstrations and calm voice instructions, Simply Yoga is an app you should definitely download.

A Facial Yoga and Facelift (Available on Android)

Want to get rid of facial fat? Want to look as if you’ve just had a facelift? If yes, A Facial Yoga and Facelift is one app that’ll work wonders on your face. It has exercises for specific areas of the face such as forehead, nose, mouth, lips, chin, cheeks and eyes, as well as for the throat and neck. This incredible app has more than 85 exercises that work to tone up muscles of the face and neck. Apart from toning, these exercises also help in increasing blood circulations, releasing tension, smoothening and glowing of facial skin, controlling wrinkles, and much more.

Pocket Yoga (Available on Android and iOS)

Why join a yoga class when you can literally have your very own yoga workout guide inside your pocket? Pocket Yoga is a great app which lets you choose between three different yoga practices that differ in focus and difficulty levels, available in 30, 60, and 90 minute durations. Besides, if you don’t wish to use the default background music them while doing your yoga, Pocket Yoga lets you use your own sound track! With detailed voice instructions, visual guides, and illustrated poses, Pocket Yoga is an interesting app that is very easy to follow.

Whether you are a beginner, or a regular yoga practitioner, these are four amazing yoga apps that won’t disappoint you.

Wayne Russel is a certified trainer and gives clinical pilate lessons. A health freak, he suggests people to make best use of the technology available to get fitter. He also blogs about different training methods.

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