Tips for Enhanced iPad Security

Apple’s iPad is generally considered to be better secured than personal and Mac computers. It is a great combination of OS, security features and hardware. If at all there is a security problem with your hardware getting stolen and stored data falling into undesirable hands. Data is the result of hard work. Users also expend enormous time in obtaining them from different sources.
Though advising you on how to prevent your iPad from getting stolen is beyond the scope of this post, advising you on deleting the content is within it. In the event of your iPad getting stolen, the first thing you need to do is erase your device clear of all data. How do you clear data when you don’t have access to it, you may ask, but there are ways for doing it, believe. Keep reading and you will know.

It is always good practice to keep your data in more than one place, especially in a cloud drive. Subscribing to a secure cloud service makes sense, though that can cost you money.

Encrypting Data and Passcode Settings
Encryption is a built-in feature in all iPad that are shipped to customers, and the only little thing that they need to do make it a little secure is setup a passcode for the device. It protects your device from being opened by unauthorized personnel. The moment you start with a passcode, all your data will be encrypted even without your knowing that.

The procedure for setting up a passcode is to go to Settings, then General and finally Passcode Lock. You will be required to type in a 4-digit code twice. Twice, to ensure that you have typed the right passcode you have thought of. It also makes sense to reinforce your device’s security by turning of the simple passcode off. In that event you can choose a really longer passcode which is hard to guess.

Though providing a longer passcode protects your encrypted data, hardcore users can still access your data by resorting to process called jailbreaking. If you are using iPad2 you are protected from jailbreaking. That doesn’t either mean it will remain that way for ever. At least for now there isn’t one for iPad2. The good news however is that intruders cannot access your email even if they resort to jailbreaking as of present. You can also extend encryption for use with apps, though very few users are known to be aware of it.

Adding Extra Punch to Passcode
IPad as well as iPhone have special features that will let you create passcode that are hard to break. For comprehensive information on configuring you device, you can visit Though what you will see there will be for most called configuration help, they are in fact information on making your device more secure through use of passcode and more. You can seek more information at , , and .

To enhance your passcode setting experience go to Configuration Profile, then New and finally Passcode. When you set your passcode from here, remember that all your previous settings for passcode will be overridden. There are settings especially for business and personal use. There even ways to set authorization at different levels, and you can even set the minimum passcode word length. Before you set the passcode, decide whether you alone will be using it or someone else to will be using your device. This is a very important issue.

About Secure Wipe and Using Safe Connectivity
Recovering your stolen iPad and safely storing them is beyond the scope of this post. It is a matter of legal process. Most often, you will be more concerned with data. Data, remember, is too valuable to part with especially if it relates to trade secrets and financial details, like username and access codes. Criminals are known to use data for soliciting money and blackmailing people.

Since due process of law may take substantial time, it is always prudent to delete data in the meanwhile, and that you can do it with MobileMe service brought to you by Apple, the company that make iPad and iPhone. With MobileMe you can instantly delete all data stored in your device remotely, they moment you discover theft. It also has features that will let you setup a passcode without access to your device.

Consider Ordering a Security App
There are numerous speciality apps made for securing your iPad. Lookout is one of the better known apps that enhance iPad security. It is also compatible with iPhone and can be downloaded from Lookout will also help you backup data and help you recover your lost or stolen device. The latest version is 2.7.1.

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