What Are Some Ways To Use Your Phone Other Than Making A Phone Call?

The next time a college professor busts a student for using his phone, he may want to reconsider. There’s no doubt that today’s smart phone is a powerful tool that can be a camera, a video recorder or even a television – and yes, you can still make phone calls and text as well. Here are some of the best ways college students can use their smart phones to make the most of their college experience.

iStudiez Pro: One app that is sure to help college students navigate their busy schedules is iStudiez Pro. College students have so much on their plate. From classes and work-study jobs to study group meetings and activities, many college students would benefit from their own personal assistants. It can be quite overwhelming being a college student, but iStudiez Pro aims to lighten the load. This app acts a planner where students can prioritize assignments and plan study sessions. You can sync it to your Mac as well.

Quizlet: Speaking of busy schedules, there’s only so much time that can be devoted to studying. Enter Quizlet. Quizlet has over ten million free sets of flashcards that a student can customize to get an A on the next exam. And studying doesn’t have to be boring either. With several different games available, students can study the material in a way in which it will reach them.

HigherOne.com: HigherOne.com is a company that helps college business offices handle refunds, payment plans and more. It also offers favorable banking options for college students. Its OneAccount and OneAccount plans feature a variety of benefits, including no or low monthly fees, no minimum balance and, yes, online banking. Online banking gives students the ability to conduct business and monitor their accounts whenever they want. In addition, with its mobile app, you can pay bills, find an ATM or make transfers. There’s no doubt that personal finance is a skill that must be learned. HigherOne.com makes this easy.

Netflix: Okay, college can’t be all studying. Take a break from that term paper on French poetry and watch a movie to let loose. Netflix has thousands of movies right at your fingertips, and you can access these movies from your computer, your tablet and even your mobile device. Are you trying to lose the Freshman Fifteen? Watch a movie as you log in hours on the treadmill.

With these apps, your parents may be less inclined to get angry when they receive the cell phone bill for the month.

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