3 Must Have Daily iPhone Apps

Smart Phone applications are a must these days, you can play games, read the news, watch video and browse social media with ease and not have to wait for websites to load. Most applications are designed and created to solve a problem and provide a unique experience for a user. There is an app for everything you can think of and if you cant find it build it you might make some money. With the way the world is moving more online the app that are already out there are improving on a daily basis. It is great to see governments giving grants to get these company set up and launched.


This application can be quite helpful if you want to try new places for dinner or maybe for a quick lunch. The Tempster app will get your location and show you what restaurants have deals on. You can sort the app by food type and filter out things you don’t like. It allows you to take advantage of the deals that are on nearby you and by clicking that you are in the restaurant the deal can be immediately applied to your bill. It is a more instant take on a daily deals website but without having to pay money up front and not printing off pieces of paper.

Google Translate

This might be one of the more traditional apps on the list but this translation service has improved immensely since it began. I remember using Google translates and the sentences or phrase you would get out of it would not make any sense in your desired language. However Google have really perfected this translation app and it allows users to translate from most languages to another language. It is very helpful when you are on holiday or live in a country that you only know certain elements of the native language.

This app works by you typing in a phrase into the translation bar and clicking translate. After this the app will give you the sentence in your desired language and it can say it for you. You can also use the siri function on iPhones to speak your sentence into the translation bar.

Waze – GPS Traffic Navigation Application

Waze is one of the best Free Apps in it’s class and I would use it every day driving to work and home again as it gives you an accurate reflection of the traffic on your route home. Not only is the traffic noticed by GPS a user can also leave up a notice to say that a car has broken down or how bad the traffic is. It is nearly like a social media app in itself and it allows users to warn other users of hazards or speed cameras on the road.

Apart from providing you with accurate up today information on traffic volumes it has another great feature of route guidance. The GPS Navigation element is top class and always includes new roads that Google maps would not have included.

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