5 of the Best Android Apps

If there is one thing you can be thankful when it comes to Android, they have some of the most interesting apps and thanks mainly to Google’s lax policies about what apps can and cannot do to your device, they seem to be a whole lot more useful. Now finding these apps isn’t easy, and when you have to search through nearly half a million apps to find the one you want, that can be hard. So here are five new or updated apps from April 2013 that we think you’ll like.

  • Sketchbook Ink:
    Designed for Android tablets of at least 7” screens or bigger, Sketchbook Ink focuses not really on sketching, but inking your sketches and so far, some of the things we have seen from it is incredible to say the least. It’s not the perfect sketching app and it definitely will not replace the versatility of paper, pen and ink, but it comes real close.
  • Rosetta Course:
    It took a while to come to Android, but Rosetta Stone is finally on Android in the form of Rosetta Course. With this app, Rosetta brings “the award winning Rosetta Stone language-learning method to Android devices.” With the app you can take your learning on the go. You can learn to speak any language supported by Rosetta Stone by listening and reading. There is the speech recognition feature that helps you fine tune your pronunciation as well as interactive activities that takes the bore out of learning.
  • Everything.me Launcher (Beta):
    There are hundreds of launchers for Android and honestly, the majority of them are crap. But this one strikes us as cool. The launcher is based on the idea of your phone changing to match your ever changing life such as interests, uses and location. The launcher will customize it based on your interests, your usage, such as the different apps you use the most. It even comes with smart folders to help you organize your apps and content. It is even location aware which, an extremely good added benefit is.
  • 4 Pics 1 Word:
    The object of the game is extremely simple. You are given four photos and you have to find the common theme between all four photos. For instance, you may be given a photo of a man cutting peppers, a logger chopping wood, a baker slicing bread and a machine slicing cheese. Of course the common theme between those will be cutting. But not everyone is that easy. The game is fun and provides loads of innocent fun.
  • Facebook:
    Other than recently going native on Android, Facebook has added a great new feature to the Android Facebook App. You can now, chat with your friends without exiting out of what you were doing. Thanks to chat bubbles, you can chat with people while commenting on a photo or reading one of your friends depressing posts. They have also streamlined the news feed, tweaked user profiles and made other minor UI adjustments.e

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