Underwater Videography Has Come A Long Way

There used to be many problems encountered when trying to use a video camera underwater.  High pressure, low light, and huge cameras and battery packs were major issues to contend with.  Today’s cameras and camcorders allow for underwater filming with ease. 

Modern Technological Upgrades

Some major improvements include smaller cameras, larger, wider viewing screens, and rechargeable batteries.  Today you can add wide angle lenses and many different filters for color clarity, glare reduction, and overexposure reduction. 

Video Housings

Underwater housings are built to resist water pressure, often to the depth of around one hundred feet or so.  Be sure to note the difference between water housings and underwater housings.  Water housings are meant for only being splashed, or to survive being dropped in the water.  They are not for underwater use and most get that confused.

Understanding Lighting

Lighting and light conditions change underwater.  It is very helpful to have an understanding of how colors change and are effected by the color and depth of the water.  The farther wavelengths of light are from the sun, the more washed out the colors become.  Since reds and yellows are lost first, an extra hand held light will make your tropical fish and coral reefs more colorful and your videos more true to life. 


There are different types of filters that are available for shooting underwater videos.  There are ones for clear blue waters, and there are those for greener waters. 

Above Water Filming

Some filters, such as polarized ones, make wonderful additions when capturing images and colors above the waves.  Skiing, surfing, fishing, and boating all become more lifelike, with polarized filters.  They reduce glare and reflections.  They also provide exceptional color clarity and help to avoid overexposure.  Make sure you that do use a water proof filter though if you’re going to be skiing, because the water can ruin a camera that isn’t waterproof.


Today, it is easier than ever to film your snorkeling adventure and to capture the magnificent colors of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs. You can video your next fishing excursion or whale watching tour.  If you and your buddies shoot each other coming down the mountain, ski’s flashing and spirits soaring, today’s modern cameras, filters, and lenses make the job a lot simpler.  Not to mention your family get togethers you can have, imagine the family photos you can take with this great photgraphy technology. 

My name is Nathen Steller and I can tell you that every time you adjust your wide angle lens, attach a GoPro filter, or recharge a battery, think of those that came before you.  Those that blazed a trail of trial and error and ingenuity that allows you to do what you love, and enjoy capturing it on video while doing it. 

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