5 Ways To Retrieve Data From A Crashed Hard Drive

Some people store their entire life on a hard drive. They have photos of their young children, copies of their important documents, and everything else you could possibly think of. It’s safe to say they would be in trouble if anything bad was ever to happen. If you are one of those people who keep everything on the computer I really hope you have it backed up. Not only should it be backed up on an external hard drive, but also in the cloud where it’s even safer.

Even if you do try to back everything up in multiple places there is still a chance you don’t quite catch everything. Some things will only be on your regular hard drive and they might be really important. What will you do if you switch on your computer one morning and your hard drive crashes? You need the information back or you’ll be in trouble, so what do you do? There are some things that might work and we can take a look at them right now.

An external case

Maybe you could find a way to retrieve the files if you connected the hard drive to another computer. In order to do that you would need to take it out and put it into an external case which would connect to the other machine. It might have been something inside your old machine that corrupted the hard drive, but now that you’ve bypassed this your problem might be solved.

Data retrieval software

You can download software that promises to get your data back for you. Some people don’t like data retrieval software and they will tell you it’s unreliable, whereas others will tell you it’s great. Because it’s risky you should attempt to download a free version of the software instead of buying it. If the free version doesn’t work it will be up to you whether or not to try a paid version.

In the freezer

Take a freezer bag and put your hard drive inside it. Now put it in the freezer for 5-6 hours. I know you’re thinking I must be going crazy, but it can work. It’s meant to constrict the components long enough for you to retrieve your data, so make sure you do what you need to do before the hard drive thaws out. It will also work better if you put it in an external case.

A different operating system

Do you know how to use the Linux Live operating system? If you don’t know, use another computer and download it onto a disk. Go to the logistics page as soon as you put the CD in your broken computer and boot it up. Choose CD as the start-up system then save and exit. When the computer boots up it will now use the Linux system and you might be able to access your files.

Speak to a professional

If everything else fails you might need to go and see a professional. Just make sure the person you go and see knows what they are doing, because if they can’t retrieve your data it might be because they’re crap at their job and not because it’s lost forever. If you do find someone who can do the job properly it might cost you a lot of money, so make sure the data you want to retrieve is worth it.

Hope is not lost

How many people do you think just throw out their old computer when something goes wrong? They probably think there is no way to retrieve their data, so they don’t even try. Let us know what technique you used to finally recover yours.

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Carl Benson is a tech geek and a computer engineer by profession. He likes to keep a track of the latest technological developments and often reads tech magazines and journals. Data recovery is an issue, which he has harped upon in this post and suggests people to buy external drives in order to meet the increasing demands of storage.

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