How Do You Know Which Broadband Package Is Right For You?

Choosing between broadband packages can be a simple and straightforward task. A little research and an assessment of your broadband requirements is all that is necessary. By observing one or all of the following, you can easily determine which package is best for you.

Needs & Desires

Before looking at the multitude of broadband choices, consider what you need and what you desire. This is best ascertained by examining your current or potential broadband setup uses for:

• Business
• Personal
• Individual
• Family

The relevance of these conditions determines the kind of broadband packages you should consider.

Small home businesses and families, or multi-person networks, require a bandwidth sufficient to meet the demands of numerous devices. Every computer, phone, tablet or other connected device utilises parts of the bandwidth. To maintain the integrity of download/upload and browsing speeds, a bandwidth which can accommodate a larger group is preferable.

Beyond this, differing broadband packages may be suitable for groups of specific sizes, whether 2-3 people, or more. This should be the guiding principal when deciding which package to adopt.

The Anatomy of Great Broadband

As with any product, a broadband package’s features and benefits should conform to a particular standard in order to be most useful. Certain qualities are key and should be prized over others. Look for:
• Broadband ranges of 30Mb-100Mb (via fibre optic cable)
• Speeds 3 to 9 times faster than the UK average
• Packages that do/don’t include a phone line
• Free internet security
• Unlimited downloads
• Download times between roughly 30 secs and 6 mins for an album, TV show, or movie respectively
• The choice of either wireless broadband or mobile broadband (broadband dongles are ideal when travelling throughout the UK, whether for business or personal reasons)

These perks amount to a higher quality and more advantageous broadband package at no extra cost. In addition, the ability to build your own bundle is crucial. If you do not fancy what is offered, create your ideal package. Phone deals offering unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines should be a given.

Premium Service

After you have assessed your needs and begun your search for the ideal broadband package, give preference to those providers who offer unlimited assistance. Find your nearest store and pay a visit. Some companies will even come to you, dispatching experts who can quickly appraise your situation, needs, and constraints. Speaking with an expert by phone is also a proactive solution.

Broadband packages are an investment. Your initial output should be justifiable with a promise of cumulative long term value. Look for:
• Free or low cost options for the first 6 months of service
• Competitive, high speed packages of 30Mb or more at £10-50 a month
• Free installation on more expensive packages
• A range of channels at even the lowest tier of service

Clarity of information is also of the utmost importance. Set aside time to investigate websites of any providers and consider the following:
• Do they explain every aspect of the process in plain, accessible language, starting with what happens as soon as you place your order?
• Can you see beforehand what each step of the installation process consists of?
• Are the nuances of the services you have ordered outlined clearly?
• Is there a basic explanation of billing?

Your ability to obtain these answers should factor into your ultimate decision.

Simple Luxury

By adhering to these points and steps, choosing the perfect broadband package can be a stressfree, easy decision. As easy as just clicking here.

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Nathan Morgan has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. In recent year his focus has been on IT Security which has gained importance as the Internet has grown an avid follower of the latest gadgets

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