Why Do People Own More Than One Phone?

Today, a phone has become so much more than a device that allows us to phone and text people. The Smartphone of today’s generation is a gadget that has become part of most people’s daily lives and has the ability to pretty much everything apart from make you a coffee.

Whether it’s a sat nav you are looking for, a bar code scanner, or a social management tool, your phone will be able to help you out.

So why do people still hang on to a second phone? You would think that a pioneering phone such as the iPhone or Galaxy S would give people enough confidence to let go of their old phones, right?

Well, the team at SellMyMobile.com decided to find out the answer to this question by running a survey that consisted of 2,000 people, to find out just why they hang onto second phones.

The survey results were pretty close, apart from one choice which stood above the others. This choice was:

  • So I have a spare phone in case my current phone breaks

This answer alone accounted for 52% of the total votes.

Does this show us that even though phones are becoming far superior, that they are prone to breaking down, losing battery etc?

The second choice:

  • I’m too lazy to get rid of it

This answer was the second most popular choice, and accounted for 19% of the votes, and shows us that British people tend to just sit on their phones as they don’t want the hassle of having to try and sell the phone on auction sites, to friends, or mobile phone trad-in sites.

The third choice, which was close behind with 18% of the votes:

  • I don’t know what else to do with it

Even though mobile phone trade in sites are increasing in popularity, due to various TV advertisements and media campaigns that have been run across the country, we are still seeing a lot of the population not knowing what to do with their old phones.

Most people know they can’t throw them in the trash, so what else is left to do with them? Pop them in a drawer or up in the attic to gather dust.

Other choices in the survey consisted of:

  • I can’t let go of old gadgets
  • I don’t know how to wipe data from the device
  • I don’t know where I put my old phone(s)
  • It’s a company phone I was given but I have changed jobs now

This shows that there are a broad range of reasons to why people still hang on to one or two spare phones, even though they probably own a top of the range phone as there main phone. Whether it comes down to the fact that battery life is a problem, they are scared of losing their primary phone, or just prefer to have a back-up, every person has their own reasons in doing so.

Do you currently own a second mobile phone, if so do you reasons differ from the ones that we have mentioned above?

We would like to thank Craig Timmins for helping gather information and stats that have been used in this article. Craig currently works for the mobile trade-in comparison company, SellMyMobile.

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