4 Best Health And Fitness Gadgets

If you are willing to spend the money, you are bound to find a technological device to do just about anything – and everything – you could ever want done.

As a result, we have developed a very quantified life.  We track, record, and analyze nearly every aspect of our being.

In some regards, this can be distracting, time consuming and even a little obsessive.  However, in other ways, these technological devices can really enhance our lives.

Using Technology to Improve Health

The health industry is the latest arena to be inundated with techie gadgets.  Now, there are ways to gather information that was otherwise inaccessible outside a clinic.

This information makes it easier to set manageable goals.  Individuals can see exactly what is and isn’t working.  They can identify and change unhealthy aspects of their lives.

When it comes to exercise, these gadgets make our time in the gym more productive and less expensive.  By purchasing just a few of these devices, you can virtually eliminate the need for a personal trainer.

By uploading the data gathered to a smartphone, computer or social media account, we can easily assess trends, progress and areas of improvement.  Never before have we had access to such accurate and helpful information.

Let’s take a look at the top health gadgets and see just how much they can enhance our lives.

FitBit Flex

The Flex is another wrist accessory that is more utilitarian than anything else.  Like the Basic, the Flex gathers all sorts of useful information – including distance traveled and calories burned.

By recording this data in real time, users can make adjustments throughout the day.  They can make changes while there is still time to reach their daily goals.  Plus, the data can help motivate and encourage users when they are right on track.



On the surface, the HAPIfork might seem a little over the top.  After all, who really needs an electronic fork?!

The HAPIfork was designed to help prevent over eating.  Studies show people consume more than they need; they eat so quickly they don’t have time to realize they are full.

This electronic fork monitors how many forkfuls are eaten at each meal.  It logs how many bites a person takes per minute and how much time elapses between mouthfuls.  Indicator lights will flash to tell users they are eating too quickly.

At the end of the meal, all this data can be uploaded to a computer or phone via USB.

Mio Alpha

The Alpha is the dream device for runners and cyclists.  It is a wristwatch heart rate monitor that is amazingly accurate.  Never again will athletes need to suffer under a suffocating chest strap.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This is, perhaps, a dieter’s best friend.  Too often we step onto the scale, only to be disheartened by the lack of progress we perceive.  Everyone says there is more to weight loss than shedding pounds.  However, those other changes are much harder to monitor…until now.

The Smart Body Analyzer tracks weight, body mass index, fat percentage, and heart rate.  It conveniently shares this data with a computer via WiFi.  Now, weight loss hopefuls will have a much better idea of the progress they are making.

In today’s health conscious and technology driven world, it was only a matter of time before the two niches collided.  Now, we all can reap the rewards of gadgets and technological tools to live a healthier life.

Martha Delgado is a health and fitness writer.  Today, she is sharing information from her own personal experience.  She recently went on a health kick, reforming her entire life.  She purchased both the FitBit Flex and B12 shots from Trim Nutrition.  She loved looking at the data from Flex before and after starting her vitamin B12 injections.  It was so encouraging to see the healthy lifestyle changes that were instigated by the vitamin B12 on her daily Flex reports.