How To Improve Concentration And Energy When You are Working At Home On Your Computer

The exponential improvements in technology that we’ve seen over the past few decades have changed our lives in more ways than most of us realise. Of course technology has changed the way we use our free time often, and it’s made communication faster and easier; but at the same time it has also changed the way that we do business and get things done. Not long after the advent of the first computers, and the vast majority of us now rely on a computer to earn our living.

More recently though, these changes have also started to liberate us from our desks and allow us to take our work away from the office. Thanks to the portability of our devices, and the sheer potential of the cloud, it’s now possible for us to take our work home with us or even to work while we travel.

But while this is mostly good news, it also means that we’re faced with a number of new challenges. When you’re working from home, how do you stay motivated? How do you force yourself out of bed? And how do you stop your attention from wandering when you’ve been staring at a computer screen for five hours?

The Importance of Routine

What’s important to realise here right away, is that you need to maintain some form of routine. When you’re given the ‘go ahead’ to work from home and thus to set your own hours and your own schedule, you may well find yourself becoming excited at the prospect of lying in until all hours or working in the evening when everyone’s gone to bed.

This is not good advice however, as the lack of routine will only make you more tired and more likely to lose concentration. By going to bed at the same time every day, waking up at the same time every day and working for similar hours, you can get your bodyclock into a routine that will ensure that you have the energy you need to get out of bed and which will ensure that you don’t feel ‘groggy’ when you wake up.

In fact, a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things here of all – as otherwise you will find yourself struggling to focus and the lure of the couch will become too much to bear. If you think tiredness is holding you back, then look into improving your sleep and into ways that you can wake yourself up with caffeine/music if need-be.

Start Right Away

Just as you mustn’t let yourself lie in, you also shouldn’t give yourself time to ‘come around’ or ‘wake up slowly’ in the morning. You might think that this would be a good way to build energy for the work ahead, but all you will do is put yourself into a restful frame of mind and make the workload seem bigger as the day goes on.

Every morning as soon as you’re up, go over to your computer and answer the first e-mail. Once you’ve done that you’ll find you’re more likely to get the rest done quickly as we’re psychologically compelled to finish incomplete tasks. If you finish early, you’ll have all afternoon to rest.

To make this a little easier, here’s a quick tip: set your homepage as the page you need first for work.

You Don’t Have to Be At Home

The lure of the couch may well be tempting even if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and started work at 9 as usual. If that’s a problem though, there’s no reason that you can’t completely remove the temptation by leaving the house with your computer entirely and working in a coffee shop or public library. You may just find that the change of scene gives you the kickstart you need.

Oh – and never work in your bedroom. Doing this will blur the line between where you work and where you switch off which will make it harder to sleep when you go to bed and harder to work when you’re trying to be productive.

 Working from home can be very liberating, and it can mean you get to spend much more time with your loved ones. However if you don’t look after your body and instil discipline, it can end up having the exact opposite effect. Be strict with yourself and don’t go crazy with the sleep, and you should find working from home to be a real privilege.

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