How To Make Your Living Room More Conducive To Working On Your Laptop

One of the most reliable trends in technology is that everything gets smaller and more multifunctional. These days a smartphone is several times more powerful and more capable than even the largest computer was ten years ago, and more and more of us now carry incredibly advanced pieces of kit around with us wherever we go.

This has changed the way we work to a large degree. Not only has the web enabled us to start doing our work from the comfort of our own homes in many cases, but these smaller form-factors have even allowed us to move away from the desk. More often than ever before, we are likely to find ourselves sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and a tablet across our lap while we draw up schematics or fill out spreadsheets. Then when we finish work, we might even relax in the very same place on the very same device. We are liberated, and the line between work and relaxation is more blurred than it ever has been.

But for many of us this technology has moved too quickly for our lifestyles to catch up in other ways. We might spend a lot of time now working in the living room – but in many cases our living rooms won’t be designed with that in mind. The living room is still thought of as a place we go to watch TV and relax, so let’s take a look at how you can make it more conducive to working as well.


When working in the living room, one of the biggest problems we can often face is lighting. Living rooms are of course designed in most cases to feel light and spacious, but this can then create glare when we’re trying to peer at a reflective monitor on our laptop or tablet.

The solution is to make your lighting as adjustable as possible, so that the room can be used for both purposes. You can do this with a dimmer switch for instance, which will allow you to reduce the lighting as necessary, while blinds can similarly allow you to choose precisely how much light you want to let in from outside.


Another problem you can sometimes face when working in the living room, is trying to get comfortable when you’re working for long hours. This requires you to be able to support your back, while at the same time having a laptop balanced on your legs at a useful distance for typing. If you want to do this on a sofa, then look for wider sofas that will allow you to spread out more and lean into the corner more. If you hope to work in an arm chair, then a great addition is to add a footstool, or to look for a reclining chair so that you can have your legs up and stretched out in front of you – providing you with more ‘desk’ space and allowing you to feel more relaxed at the same time.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a fantastic addition to any living room – particularly if you want to use that living room for work occasionally. This way, you can work on your lap or on the small table as the mood takes you, but you will also be able to use the surface to stand cups of tea, or to spread out resources that you might need such as books or piles of notes.

Coffee tables are also useful for entertaining guests or relaxing for many of the same reasons – giving you somewhere to sit magazines, books and drinks that won’t be in the way of your eye-line.

Laptop Caddy

To facilitate your laptop work, it is possible to find caddies designed to let you rest your computer as well as a drink and/or any pens you might need.

A Table

While sitting at the couch is a great way to work, you will occasionally find that you need to sit upright if you’re going to get any serious work done. If you can add a table or even a folding table to your living room then, you will give yourself that option and also be able to occasionally eat more conveniently with a knife and fork.

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