How To Make SugarCRM Your Own: Three Modules Small Businesses Need For Success

Keeping track of customer information is one of the hardest things that businesses have to do, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools help to automate that task.  SugarCRM is an incredibly powerful CRM tool that uses a wide range of modules to customize the interface to integrate whichever software or services you need to keep your business functioning effectively.  The sheer volume of modules can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to a CRM interface, but there are three modules that you should consider adding.


Small businesses do not always have the revenue to hire outside specialists to handle the more complicated backroom aspects of a business, so software is used to fill that void.  Quickbooks is the most popular accounting software on the market and it has the ability to keep track of invoices and payments due, as well as make payroll easier and allow you to file many of your various Federal business taxes each quarter.  The Quickbooks module allows you to bring this accounting tool into your CRM interface and automate the tracking and payment of invoices from your customers.  If you are doing your accounting or bookkeeping in house, the addition of the Quickbooks module will save time and money, as well as making your cash flow easier to follow.

Duplicate Detector

Customer relationship management lets all of the members of your sales and support team see information about your customers with only a few clicks of the mouse, but with so many people accessing and changing the information there is a high risk of duplicate or incomplete customer data.  Having all of these conflicting customer data sheets renders the CRM interface almost useless, as it takes a long time for your employees to find the data that they need.  The Duplicate Detector module eliminates conflicting data and makes it more difficult for employees to enter customer data in more than one place.  By getting rid of the extraneous data your employees will have customer information when they need it, and the employees and your CRM system will be much more effective.  Sites like Sugaroutfitters can give you several different options for duplicate field detectors so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Photo Module

There will be times when you need to be able to recognize a customer or a product on sight, and the best way to do so is integrate some kind of photo display into the customer data sheet.  The best module for this is the Photo Module, which allows you to associate as many photo files as you want with the customer information.  Realtors will find this useful to get a quick refresher on what a property has to offer, while customer service can get a better idea about how to help with customer complaints when they can see the products that a customer has purchased.  Finally, your sale staff will be better able to make face-to-face cold calls when they already have an image of the potential customer in their head before they arrive to a sales meeting.

The SugarCRM interface can help your business grow, but the modules and other add-ons that you install let you customize the interface to give you the versatility you want.  Before you commit to SugarCRM browse through some of the potential modules that you might want to use, so that you can get an idea about how you can make your CRM interface your own.

 I am Nadia Gomez and I have been using SugarCRM for three years.  I wrote this article to talk about some of the modules that I have found invaluable in my CRM interface.