Welcome To The World’s Largest Server Farms, Why Washington State?

Data centers can be very impressive but there is one state that stands out from the rest and that is Washington. In Quincy, Washington, there are many hills and farms particularly in Grant County. This location is where the biggest server farm in the world can be found. Quincy may be a small town but it is home to several huge warehouses designed for computing clouds that are globally known.  

The Big Companies

From Yahoo! to Microsoft, the small town, which is located in the center of Washington State, houses the big names in the Internet industry. Since these companies are giants on the Internet, it is only right that they have enormous sizes when it comes to their data centers. As a matter of fact, these data centers are comparable to the size of many football fields, which are loaded with powerful computers by the thousands. There are also storage devices in 42u racks and all of them are connected to the Internet through fast fiber optic links.  

The Biggest Surprise  

The biggest server farm is in the state of Washington but this is not what intrigues most people. Apart from the supersize buildings, the exact location makes the farm quite controversial simply because it is in the middle of nowhere. The town of Quincy is three hours away from the largest city in the state, Seattle. However, corporate Internet giants did not choose Seattle or any of the other large cities in Washington for its data centers.  

Computing has slowly become a utility that allows almost all services to be consumed anywhere using many devices. As a result, tech giants have wondered where to put all the infrastructure that computing requires. Data centers are crucial to all industries and they have become a part of functioning society, just like electrical power stations. There are many data centers located all around the world and most of them can even be found in places that people may find hard to believe. These include: areas where shopping malls used to be, in cities with extremely cold climates and even in old missile bunkers.  

Why This Town in Washington  

A few years back the server location was just a late addition that did not really matter. There were even firms that would use their basements as their corporate data centers. However, dedicated server farms suddenly sprouted and soon enough, Internet start-ups began to place their machines in a proper location. Most of them can be found in Silicon Valley and other high-tech hubs in the United States.  

Many people question why these firms chose a remote location like Quincy, Washington. The reason does not concern the peacefulness and tranquility of the location but rather, it is actually because of a very important resource which is electrical power. In this part of Washington, electricity costs are extremely cheap. Microsoft shocked the world in 2006 when the company bought around 75 acres of land where its data center can be found. With this huge land size and considering Microsoft’s size as a company as well, the data center needed electricity and loads of it.  Microsoft is located in Redmond, Washington, on the other side of the mountains.

This part of Washington comes with hydroelectric generators that get their power from the Columbia River. As a result, Microsoft as well as the other tech giants are not only energy-efficient but sensitive to the environment as well.

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