Send Large Files Free Over the Internet

send large files free

Send Large Files Free

Best Way to Send Large Files Free Over The Internet. Send up to 2.5 gig files for free with a password. When the receiver gets the file they need to use the password that you provided them so that they can open the file or files you sent. Encrypted end to end so that the service can't see what is in the files. Send multiple files. Transfer service that allows users to safely and simply share files from any browser. 

Send also makes it simple to share large file sizes – perfect for sharing accounting files, images or other media or collaborating on a presentation with co-workers. With Send you can share file sizes up to 1GB quickly. To send files up to 2.5GB, sign up for a free Firefox account.

Send makes it easy for your recipient, too. They simply receive a link to click and download the file. They don’t need to have a Firefox account to access your file. Overall, this makes the sharing experience seamless for both parties, and as quick as sending an email.

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