7 Technical Ideas to Change The World

technical ideas

Technical Ideas

Over the past few years, award ceremonies have become increasingly more common, especially outside of the entertainment industry. One of the more popular areas that have seen an increase in awards has been focused on technical ideas that could change the world.

The size and scope of these ceremonies are as diverse as the ideas that have found success. As a result, there are quite a large number of awards that are used, such as acrylic awards, among many others.

As a result of this popularity, there may have been a variety of winning ideas that may have been somewhat overlooked in 2019. There are a few that stand out quite considerably.


There are two ways that the Aira application can be used, with one being through an app. However, the transformative idea behind it is focused on the use of an HD camera on a user’s glasses. While this may sound unwieldy, its design is quite the opposite.

There are a few built-in features that have allowed Aira to receive a significant amount of praise. The majority of these allow users to connect with an agent who can help them with their needs, such as translating a menu, walking through an airport, and much more.

These could make the HD glasses quite an essential item for the visually impaired, which is where much of the idea’s focus has been.

Flood Concern

Storms and other natural disasters have wreaked havoc across the globe over the past few years. The damage and loss of life that these have brought are what the Flood Concern idea looks to minimize and potentially avoid.

Flood Concern maps show where water surges may hit the hardest and creates a visualization of these to highlight what damage may be done. So far, the idea has been retroactively applied to a variety of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey, with the software showing a significant degree of success.

Outrider Bomb Blast

The Outrider Foundation partnered with the experiential design agency, Bluecadet, to create the idea behind Bomb Blast, which looks to educate users on how their city may be affected by a nuclear bomb. There are quite a large number of factors that come into play here which Bomb Blast looks to highlight for users.

Alongside this, the partnership has brought about ways to help educate people about the effects of climate change and much more.


There has been a wide range of industries that have been affected by blockchain-based technology, with much of this being positive. One area that has seemingly been untouched, however, is agriculture. Banqu looks to change this with a variety of features.

While the fundamentals of the idea are similar to the majority of other industries, they’ve been tweaked and customized for the agriculture industry’s needs. As a result, it can track and weigh goods, the price per yield, and much more.

Energy Vault

One of the core drawbacks of solar energy is that many people don’t know what to do with the excess power that could be generated. Energy Vault’s premise, naturally, is to store it so that it can be used at a later date. While this is a relatively simple idea, it’s the design and implementation that has gotten the company its praise.

While the firm’s energy towers are still in development, it is in talks with quite a large number of firms to take advantage of them. According to the company, up to 1,200 of them will be created in the coming months, with each tower only taking several weeks to erect.


Based in Finland, the practicalities of this idea are only just coming to fruition. Instead of using wool or cotton to create clothing, Spinnova instead looks to use wood pulp. Wood pulp is ground up and made into a fabric that can be used for a variety of clothes.

As a result, there should be much less waste, both in the creation of the clothes and in the agricultural industry, which could throw away a significant amount of this pulp.


Every year, a significant amount of food is thrown away without being used which results in a substantial amount of waste. Much of this is driven by the food going out of date. Apeel, however, looks to combat this by developing a coating that could be used on a large amount of food to extend its shelf live.

Some interesting technical ideas. Technical ideas to save the planet by reconstituting waste.