Walmart to compete with Amazon Prime


Walmart to compete with Amazon Prime

Walmart is working on a competitor to Amazon Prime called Walmart+. Walmart is felling the pressure with Amazon accounting for 40 percent of all online retail while Walmart accounts for only 5 percent according to eMarketer. Walmart plans on testing the Walmart+ membership as early as next month. Amazon has 150 million members worldwide which is a huge hurdle for Walmart to compete with.

I've noticed lots of stores in my area are delivering groceries now or have curbside pickup for groceries. You just place your order and they get the groceries ready and tell you when you can come and get them. You park your car on the curb, call them and they bring out the groceries to your car. The local Frys Grocery store charges $5 to get the groceries ready for you and bring them out to your car. Groceries already have slim margins. Walmart's grocery sales account for more than half their business.

Walmart came up with their $98 a year Grocery service that is being rebranded as Walmart+ with additional perks that are not available yet.

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