200 Gigs of Free cloud storage for a year

200 gigs of free cloud storage

200 Gigs of Free cloud storage for a year

The Cloud storage company Degoo is offering TechRadar users 200 gigs of free cloud storage for a year. After 12 months your account will revert back to a free 100GB package.

Degoo has helped more than 15 million users over the past 8 years so they aren't a small company.

Degoo has a massive storage deal at 10TB of cloud storage for 2 years for just $99.99. That is a massive 58% off the standard pricing.

There is no file limits and you don't need a second Degoo account to receive the files. 200 gigs of free cloud storage is a huge amount of space for backup.

Uploaded files are encrypted in chunks and spread out to data centers across 4 continents. This eliminates the risk of your account being compromised.

Worthy things to mention are that: The free version has basic storage replication, no zero knowledge encryption and a 90 day inactivity limit. There is also adverts in the feed on your Android phone.

When considering cloud storage make sure it is accessible, make sure you can backup to it, make sure it is inexpensive, make sure the service is scalable, and make sure it is easy to use. Checkout our article here on 5 benefits of utilizing the cloud.

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