7 Free Cloud Drive Providers

Free Cloud Drive Providers

7 Free Cloud Drive Providers

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you 15 gigs of free space. You can get 100 GB of space for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. 200 GB for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. 2 TB for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. They have plans going all the way up to 20 TB at $199.99 per month. Google gives you a folder so that you can sync your information across computers and to the cloud. 

Google Drive can recognize objects in your images and text in scanned documents. So you can search a word like “Eiffel Tower” and get text documents with that word, as well as images of the actual Eiffel Tower.”


Skydrive (Now Onedrive) gives you 5 gigs of free space (used to be 25 gigs), 100 gigs per month costs you $1.99.  Very cheap for space. If you have Office 365 Personal which costs $69.99 per year you get a 1 TB Onedrive included in your price. If you have Office 365 Home which costs $99.99 per year you get 6 TB of space. They provide offline access. “Access selected files without being online. No connection, no problem.” “Save your files and photos to OneDrive and access them from any device, anywhere.”

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive gives you 5 gigs of space. Amazon Cloud Drive gives you a folder so that you can sync your files across computers and to the cloud. If you have Amazon Prime you get free unlimited photo storage which doesn't count towards your 5 gigs of space.  Plans cost $19.99 for 100 GB per year, $59.99 for 1 TB per year and $119.98 per year for 2 TB. The maximum plan is 30 TB for $1799.70 per year.


IDrive gives you 5 gigs of free space in their basic plan. If you only have one user then the Personal plan is a good plan at $69.50 for the first year for 2 TB of storage. They have a deal right now at $52.12 for 2 TB. They have business plans for multiple users. You can remotely manage your computers on IDrive Personal and Business. Users can share files via email, Facebook, and Twitter. IDrive maintains up to 30 previous versions of all the files in your account. Photographers will like IDrive's facial recognition feature that automatically organizes photos along with syncing them across all your linked devices.


DropBox gives you 2 gigs of free space on their basic plan. They seem to be pushing their drop their Dropbox Business. Standard plans are $12.50 per month per user for 5TB of space and $20 per month per user for unlimited space billed yearly. You can get a monthly plan which is a little higher in price. The minimum package comes with three users so this cloud drive option can get a bit pricey. 30 day free trial for the business plans. “The minimum package comes with 3 licenses. You can activate your extra licenses at any time.


Box.com gives you 10 gigs of free space. They limit you to 250 MB file upload maximum per file on the personal plan.  You can get a personal plan for $10 per month for 100GB of space. File size upload limitations are 5 GB upload size maximum per file for the Personal Pro plan or Business Plans except for the Starter Business plan . You can get an unlimited business plan for $14.25 if paid annually. 


pCloudYou can sign up for pCloud and download their mobile and desktop application for free. Basic pCloud accounts (Free Forever) come with up to 10 GB of free space. If you ever run out of space, you can upgrade your account with a monthly or yearly subscription to a pCloud Premium (500 GB) or pCloud Premium Plus (2 TB) plan.”

They do have a free trial as well. When you sign up for pCloud Business, you get a one-month free subscription for 5 users. During the trial period, you can test and use all functionalities of the service. They provide lifetime plans. 500 GB for $175 for lifetime and 2 TB for $350 for lifetime.  Every pCloud plan has a specified amount of download link traffic you can use for your public links. It is reset every month (regardless of the subscription you have – monthly, annual, or Lifetime) Traffic limits are as follows: pCloud Free – 50 GB, pCloud Premium – 500 GB and pCloud Premium Plus – 2 TB of traffic. 

My personal favorite is Google Drive because of the amount of free space they provide and because you can search inside files and images for keywords. 

Free Cloud Drive Providers. There are many benefits of using the cloud.